Digital Storytelling

What is Digital Storytelling?

Digital Storytelling is a unique transformative process. Video creators combine their narration with images and sound effects to appeal to an audience fluent in visual media. 

Academic Support

Current CCD students are invited to the Digital Zone for tutoring support. 

DST Technology Resources

Student resources for beginning-to-end support.

Photo Release

Faculty can show digital stories in their own class without having a consent form signed. However, if you plan to submit a student digital story to the Film Festival, the student must fill out this photo release form.

DST helps CCD meet Institutional Outcomes. Effective communication is developed by translating concise writing into a recorded narration with images that add depth of meaning to the audience. Complex thinking is strengthened as students meet course outcomes in a multi-modal way. They think through their desired assignment outcomes and how to meet those verbally, visually and auditorially. Finally, becoming an effective and ethical user of technology is strengthened as students learn to correctly site outside sources according to academic standards. 

Digital storytelling will also play an integral part in STEM Sirviendo grant at CCD.