College Connections

Welcome to Community College of Denver’s College Connections. These connections have been designed to support you.

Career Connections

The job market is rapidly changing and we are committed to helping you change with it. We will provide you with the right technology, tools, and tips to help you plan your next career move.

Faculty/Instructor Connections

Improve your Teaching

The Teaching Learning Center provides paid professional development opportunities for our faculty and instructors.

Your progression at CCD

Progress in your career as an instructor here at CCD.

Forms for Level up. Your chair is your main contact if you need assistance.

Classroom Resources

Here are some quick links that assist you in meeting your requirements in the classroom.

High School Connections

Start at High School Connections if you are a high school student, parent or guardian of a high school student, or work for a high school.

Important Consumer Information

Start here for important information provided to students, their families, and the public about CCD and student rights and responsibilities.

Internal Connections

Transfer Connections

CCD wants to help you learn about transfer options. The process is not as complicated as you think and we are here every step of the way.