About Our Programs

Community College of Denver’s Center for Health Sciences is located at the Lowry campus in East Denver.

Our highly respected faculty and staff deliver our students to certificates and degrees in several career areas, including dental hygieneemergency medical services, nurse aide, medical assistant, integrated nursing pathway, radiation therapyRadiologic technology and veterinary technology.

Earn a certificate so you can explore your options, upgrade your skills, or get a better job, without taking too much time. In many cases, the credits you earn for a certificate can apply to a degree in the same area. Earn an associate’s degree to expand your skills, making you more in demand in your field. Transfer many of your credits to a four-year college or university to earn a bachelor’s degree.

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Our Program Application Dates & Deadlines

Dental Hygiene July 1 - December 1
Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) March 1 - July 1
Integrated Nursing Pathway January 1 - March 31
Medical Assistant November 1 - December 1
Nurse Aide October 12 - January 6
Radiation Therapy January 19 - May 15
Radiologic Technology July 1 - December 1
Veterinary Technology All Fall Semester Applications Must Be Postmarked by July 31
Accepting applications for Fall 2016!