Steps to a Successful Enrollment

Once you have been accepted to CCD, there are additional steps you need to take to register for classes. The guides provided here will help you finalize this easy process. Need help? Speak to your Recruitment Officer!

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Additional Enrollment Resources

If you are a Deferred Action Childhood Arrival (DACA) or Undocumented ASSET student, follow the enrollment steps below. Learn more about DACA and ASSET, including how to qualify for in-state tuition rates and institutional scholarships!

Steps to Enroll

Step 1: Apply to CCD

Create an Account

  • ASSET/ DACA must choose "Non-U.S. Citizen" when asked citizenship status.
  • DACA students can provide their Social Security number.
  • All males between the ages of 17 years, 9 months and 26 years must register with Selective Service. 
    • If you are DACA and have an assigned Social Security Number, you may apply here
    • ASSET and Undocumented Students without an assigned Social Security Number must print and submit Selective Service Registration form at your closest Post Office.
  • If this is not completed a hold will be placed on your account, and registration will be delayed.
Point of Contact: 

Step 2: Check your residency classification with Admissions, Registration & Records

Advancing Students for a Stronger Economy Tomorrow (ASSET) Residency Requirements

  • Did you earn a Colorado high school diploma or GED in Colorado on or after September 1, 2013?
  • Did you attend a Colorado high school for at least three years immediately before earning your high school diploma or Colorado GED?
  • Were you admitted to a Colorado institution of higher education within 12 months of graduating or earning your Colorado GED?
    • If you are able to answer yes, you may be eligible for in-state tuition under ASSET.


  • Did you earn a Colorado high school diploma or GED in Colorado before September 1, 2013?
  • Did you attend a Colorado high school for at least three years immediately before earning your Colorado high school diploma or Colorado GED?
  • Have you been physically present in Colorado for the last 18 months?
    • If you are able to answer yes, you may be eligible for in-state tuition under ASSET.

Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) Residency Requirements

  • Students with DACA status may qualify for in-state tuition under the ASSET tuition requirements.
  • DACA students that do not qualify via ASSET may qualify for in-state tuition if Colorado domicile requirements are met.
    • Students must have lived in Colorado for twelve months immediately before the start of the semester, if under 23  years of age, parent information will be used to determine in-state tuition eligibility.
  • Have at least two intent items dated one-year prior to the start of the term. Examples of intent items:
    • Colorado ID or Driver’s License
    • Proof of employment
    • Filing Colorado state income tax
  • Submit a copy of the Student's Employment Authorization Card.

How to Change Your Residency Classification

  • Complete the Amended Application, with parental information if under the age of 23. The Amended Application will be reviewed within 3-5 business days and is due by the earliest census date for all registered courses.
  • ASSET/Undocumented students only must apply for the College Opportunity Fund (COF) and complete the COF Affidavit.
    • Students will need to obtain your State Assigned Student Identifier (SASID) from your high school in order for COF to be applied.
    • Submit completed COF Affidavit to Admissions, Registration & Records.
  • Students will be notified of your residency classification via your college-assigned email address. Make sure to check your student email on a regular basis for important information regarding your account.
Point of Contact: Michelle Garcia or Nu Tran | 303.556.2420 | 

Step 3: Access CCDConnect & Your Student Email Account

CCDConnect is your student portal account. Your log-in credentials are given to you in the official welcome letter after applying to CCD. Be sure to log-in frequently to review your account and student email. Your college-assigned student email is the official means of communication between students and the College, and students are expected to check their student email regularly for important messages. If you have trouble accessing your account, please contact the 24/7 help line at 1.888.800.9198.

Need help navigating CCDConnect? Review our Quick Guides for step-by-step help. 

Step 4: Apply for Financial Aid & Scholarships

Apply for Financial Aid

Apply for scholarships: Scholarship Priority Deadline April 15

  • You can still apply after the scholarship priority deadline to be considered for any future opportunities.
  • Complete the CCD scholarship application with a 500 to 900 word essay that specifically answer the essay questions and submit high school transcripts or GED scores if applicable. Essay must be within 500-900 words in range.
  • ASSET/DACA/Undocumented students must select “Yes” to the following question: "Are you a Deferred Action DACA, ASSET or Undocumented Student?" (If you are a U.S Citizen, Permanent Resident or international student “F1 visa” click NO) If you respond YES, Institutional and Foundation Scholarships are available to you. Please be advised that this information is confidential and it is only used for scholarship purposes.
  • Register in at least six (6) credit hours.

If you need assistance with your FAFSA, you may attend the Scholarship Walk-In Hours each Wednesday throughout the semester. or contact the Resource Center at 303.556.4964. Learn more about Scholarship Walk-In Hours or contact the Financial Aid office at 303.556.5503.

Completing the steps will allow CCD to consider you for a scholarship. If you are DACA or Undocumented student, you are not eligible for federal or state financial aid (Grants, Loans or Work-Study), so it is highly encouraged that you apply for scholarships to earn tuition assistance. We are here to help!

Point of Contact: Ivonne Andrea Kossik| 303.556.5503 or 

Step 5: Meet the Assessment Requirement

In order to register for classes, all students must meet assessment requirements in the areas of math, reading, and English. You must do one of the following:

  • Take the CCD Course Placement Test to assess your current academic skill level. Before you take the test, you are strongly encouraged to prepare for the test in advance.
  • Provide a copy of ACT or SAT scores (no more than five-years old) with the following scores

English Assessment
ACT - 18
SAT 440 (Critical Reading

Math Assessment
ACT - 19
SAT 460

  • Provide the Testing Center with an unofficial copy of college transcripts from a regionally accredited institution along with the Transcript Intake Form for review.

If you believe you will need accommodations for your test due to a disability, please contact the Accessibility Center.

Step 6: Attend New Student Orientation

All new first-time students must attend orientation before receiving advising. A hold will be placed on your account until you have attended a session. Transfer students should also plan on attending orientation.

Step 7: Meet with Your Retention Specialist & Join the Resource Center

The Resource Center provides support with academic advising, registration, financial aid, and much more!

Point of Contact: | Resource Center

Step 8: Register for Classes

Register through CCDConnect. Register early for best selection of classes and times. Be sure to check for any registration holds.

Step 9: Authorize COF

After being informed of in-state tuition status, students must authorize COF to be applied to their account.

  • Students can authorize COF by selecting the Student tab on CCDConnect.
  • Please allow up to 2-3 business days for COF to be applied.
  • Students have the option of selecting “Lifetime Authorization” which will authorize COF for all terms attended without students having to authorize it each term.
Point of Contact: Michelle Garcia or Nu Tran | 303.556.2420 or 

Step 10: Complete the Payment Process

Pay your tuition and fees in full at least one week before classes start. Payment options are available. If you register for classes between Saturday-Friday, after the payment deadline, payment is due the following Monday. If you miss the payment deadline, you may be dropped from all your classes and your original classes may no longer be available.

Community College of Denver’s incredible support system will give you the ability to learn and grow with teachers and mentors who are invested in successful individual outcomes. 

The Accessibility Center is available to students with disabilities to assist you in your educational experience at CCD. You are welcome to stop by the center and say hello when you visit our campus. If you believe you will need extensive assistance to complete the steps to enrollment below, please make an appointment with the Educational Opportunity Center. By joining CCD, you will be joining a welcoming student body and you will receive guidance from teachers and the Accessibility Center, as well as other exceptional programs in place making your time at CCD beneficial and rewarding.

Get started with these Steps to a Successful Enrollment!

You can also download the Admissions & Registration Guide for more detailed information.

Step 1. Apply for Admission & Financial Aid

Apply to CCD

The very first step to enrolling in CCD is to create an account and apply online. We'll review your application and send you an official Welcome Letter with your Student ID Number.

  • The College accepts all students who are at least 17 years of age.
  • There is no application fee.
  • College Opportunity Fund (COF) pays a portion of your total in-state tuition and is eligible for undergraduate students. Simply apply for the COF on your admissions application (see last question). Learn more about COF.
  • If you are under the age of 17, a Request for Waiver of Admissions may be granted through the Office of the Dean of Student Development & Retention.

Apply for Financial Aid

After you have applied to CCD, fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). This is your application for all federal and state grants, loans, and work-study.

Step 2. Assessment & Orientation

Meet the Assessment Requirement

Before attending New Student Orientation, you must meet the math and English assessment requirement by taking the Placement Test (unless you meet an exemption). This is a very important exam that determines course placement, so you are strongly encouraged to prepare thoroughly before testing. The cost to take the exam is $10 and re-testing is not permitted. 

In order to register for classes must do one of the following:

A. Take the placement test to assess your current academic skill level.

  1. Before you take the test you are strongly encouraged to prepare for the test.
  2. If you believe you will need accommodations to take the test, please contact the Accessibility Center for an appointment so that we can assess your needs and accommodate you.


B. Provide a copy of your ACT or SAT results to the Testing Center for placement test exemption. You must have obtained the following scores to be exempt:

  • ACT | English  18 | Math 19 (MAT 120) or Math 23 (MAT 121)
  • SAT | Critical Reading 440 | Math 460

Learn more about Exemptions from the placement test and getting your transcript and testing scores reviewed.

Attend New Student Orientation

The New Student Orientation is required for all new students and is a great opportunity for you to learn all about your life at CCD. Register for your New Student Orientation.

  • A hold will be placed on your account until you have attended a session, so don’t wait until the last minute to sign up!
  • American Sign Language Interpreters are available upon request to the Accessibility Center.
  • The in-person orientation consists of videos and live presentations with some group interaction and minimal writing.  If you think you may need accommodations for these activities, please contact the Accessibility Center ahead of time so that arrangements can be made.
  • There is a touring component around campus.  If you can keep to an average walking pace, in a wheelchair or other wheeled device, you will be fine.  If you think you will not be able to participate in the mobility portion of the orientation, please let the Accessibility Center know.
  • The online version of student orientation consists of a series of videos.

Step 3. Advising & Registration

Meet with your Academic Advisor. 

Get the academic advising process started early!  Your academic advising session is your opportunity to discuss educational plans and find out what classes you will start with at CCD. Please visit or contact the Academic Advising Center to get connected with your Academic Advisor. 

Register for Classes through CCDConnect.

Step 4. Payment

  • Confirm that your financial aid award will cover your tuition and fees, or make payment by the published deadline. Pay your tuition and fees in full or set up a FACTS payment plan through the Student Finance tab in CCDConnect. If you register for a course after the payment deadline, payment is due within 24 hours of registration. If you miss the payment deadline, you may be dropped from all classes and your seat will be offered to other students.
  • Activate your CCCS BankMobile Refund Card to select your refund preferences. You should receive this card in the mail shortly after registering for your classes.
  • Contact CCD's Business Office if you have tuition payment or refund card questions.

Set up Your Accommodations for Classes

Make an appointment to see an Accessibility Specialist in the Accessibility Center.

  • The Accessibility Specialist will be able to start the process for getting accommodations prepared for your classes.
  • Accommodations may include furniture requests, needs for special classroom technology, ASL interpreters, alternative media books and even assistive technology training sessions.

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Just taking a couple of classes at CCD to transfer back to another college?

If you have borrowed student loans at another college, your student loan eligibility could be affected if you declare a degree and enroll at CCD as a transfer student. Your eligibility for subsidized loans can be impacted even if you don’t receive any type of aid at CCD. In order to avoid being charged interest on your current subsidized loans, we recommend you enroll at CCD as a “non-degree seeking” student. However, as a “non-degree seeking” student, you will not be eligible for financial aid at CCD.

Please contact the Financial Aid Office at 303.556.5503 or if you have questions.