Certificates & Degrees

Choose from more than 100 degrees and certificates in 41 different fields of study that will prepare you for a new career or for transfer to a four-year school.

Types & Descriptions of our Certificates / Degrees

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Associate of Arts (AA) degrees are transferable to a four-year college. It is a learning foundation in communications, social sciences, liberal arts or humanities, business and elementary education.

Associate of Science (AS) degrees are transferable to a four-year college. It is a learning foundation in mathematics, technology and sciences.

Associate in Applied Sciences (AAS) prepares you for employment in a given occupation right after graduation. It is for areas such as accounting, business, computer technology, early childhood education, medical field, paralegal, and many more. Some courses may transfer to 4-year colleges.

Certificates are shorter programs designed in cooperation with business, commerce and local government that provide training and certification that can to improve your skills in occupational fields, and may qualify you for a higher starting salary. Available in fields such as healthcare, criminal justice, business and trades.

Associate in General Studies (AGS) prepares you with core, general education courses in preparation for transfer to all state four-year colleges and universities.

CCD's Certificate & Degrees

*Denotes a Degree with Designation (DWD) that has a statewide transfer degree plan in place and is fully transferable in its entirety into any Colorado public four-year program. DWD’s are awarded with a specific program designation and you can learn more about Transfer Agreements.

**Denotes an AA or AS degree, awarded without a specific program designation, is transferrable in part or whole. See college catalog for more information.

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Start your career with a degree in accounting and become an accountant, payroll technician, bookkeeper, tax preparer, or continue your education and become a CPA.

  • Accounting – Associate of Arts
  • Bookkeeping/Payroll Technician – Certificate
  • Computerized Accounting Technician – Certificate


Start your career with a degree in anthropology or transfer to a four-year college. Work in a museum, diversity program, or participate in field studies as an archeologist.

  • Anthropology – Associate of Arts*


Start your career in the field of art. Transfer to a four-year college and complete a bachelor of art’s degree. Earn a certificate to teach or focus on studio art careers: fine arts, photography, illustration, or become a gallery director.

  • Art – Associate of Arts**


Transfer to a four-year college to start your career in medicine, physical therapy, research, or natural resources by completing the CCD biology program.

  • Biology – Associate of Science**


Start your career with an associate degree in business. Transfer to a four-year college to obtain a bachelor’s degree in accounting, finance, human resources, marketing, or management.

  • Business – Associate of Arts*

Business Administration

Start your career in business administration where you can work in marketing, real estate, management, or start your own business.

  • Business Administration – Associate of Applied Science
  • International Business – Associate of Applied Science, Certificate
  • Entrepreneurship – Certificate
  • Management – Associate of Applied Science
  • Marketing – Associate of Applied Science
  • Real Estate – Associate of Applied Science
  • Retail Management – Certificate

Business Technology

Provide professional administrative support for companies, non-profit organizations, and government offices by studying business technology.

  • Administrative Assistant – Associate of Applied Science, Certificate
  • General Office Assistant – Certificate
  • Legal Administrative Assistant – Associate of Applied Science
  • Medical Administrative Assistant – Associate of Applied Science, Certificate
  • Office Manager – Associate of Applied Science, Certificate


Transfer to a four-year college and complete a B.S. degree to start a career in medicine, research, teaching, or business. Start here and earn an associate’s degree with CCD’s chemistry program.

  • Chemistry – Associate of Science**

Computer Information Systems

Start your career in software testing, applications design and installation, or computer sales. Transfer to a four-year college for careers in programming, information systems, business, database management, and education. Begin by learning more about the computer information systems program.

  • Computer Information Systems – Associate of Applied Science C
  • Computer Technology – Certificate
  • Computer Science – Associate of Arts**

Criminal Justice

After you complete the criminal justice program at CCD, you can transfer to a university and complete a bachelor's degree to become a probation/parole officer, crime scene investigator, FBI agent, etc.

  • Criminal Justice – Associate of Arts*
  • Criminal Justice – Associate of Applied Science
  • Homeland Security – Certificate

Dental Hygiene

Start your career in the dental industry providing direct care to patients, including teeth cleaning and assisting dentists. CCD’s program is one of the top programs in Colorado, learn more to advance your career.

  • Dental Hygiene – Associate of Applied Science

Early Childhood Education

If you have a passion for learning and enjoy teaching others, this may be the perfect career path for you. Apply your associate's degree in early childhood education, or one of three additional certificate programs to advance your career or transfer to a four-year college or university.

  • Early Childhood Education - Associate of Applied Science
  • Early Childhood Education Director - Certificate
  • Early Childhood Education - Certificate
  • Group Leader: Infant/Toddler or Preschool - Certificate


With continued education and internships, become an economist, banker, teacher, or lawyer. Work in finance, government, law, or business. Consider earning an MBA or law degree after your bachelor’s degree. Start here at CCD with an associate’s degree in economics.

  • Economics – Associate of Arts*

Electroneurodiagnostic Technology

Learn to assist physicians in the diagnosis of diseases affecting the nervous system using the principles of electrical engineering. CCD’s associate’s degree program in electroneurodiagnostic technology will get you started on a great career.

  • Electroneurodiagnostic Technology – Associate of Applied Science

Elementary Education

This elementary education program is designed for you to save money during your first two years of college and then transfer to a four-year college. Upon further education, you can become a teacher to work in schools, and could even become an administrator with continued experience and education.

  • Elementary Education - Associate of Arts**

Emergency Medical Technician

Prepare for certification as an EMT at CCD. Learn to quickly assess the patient’s condition, determine immediate healthcare needs, and transport to hospital. This 12 credit program will prepare you for the EMT National Registry certification exams.

  • Emergency Medical Technician – Certificate

Engineering & Engineering Graphics

With these programs, you will learn to prepare technical drawings and plans, which are used by production and construction workers. Consider further education in engineering, architecture, or construction management.

  • Pre-Engineering Plan of Study – Associate of Science*
  • Architectural Drafter – Associate of Applied Science, Certificate
  • Mechanical Drafter – Associate of Applied Science

Certificate in Engineering Graphics

  • Basic Architectural – Certificate
  • Intermediate Architectural – Certificate
  • Basic Mechanical – Certificate
  • Intermediate Mechanical – Certificate
  • Revit – Certificate
  • Inventor – Certificate
  • Solidworks – Certificate


Once you complete CCD’s associate’s degree in English or journalist, you can transfer to a four-year college for careers in teaching, media (print, broadcast, and news media), advertising, marketing or technical writing.

  • English/Journalism – Associate of Arts*

General Studies – Generalist

Start on your general education and prerequisites for many bachelor’s degrees.

  • General Studies – Associate of General Studies


  • Associate of Arts*

Graphic Design

With a certificate or associate’s degree in graphic design, you will start your career with planning, analyzing, and creating visual solutions to communications problems.

  • Graphic Design – Associate of Arts*
  • Graphic Design – Associate of Applied Science
  • Graphic Design – Certificate


Obtain an associate’s degree in history and transfer to a four-year college for careers in a wide variety of industries, such as history, education, law, and public administration.

  • History – Associate of Arts*

Human Services

CCD’s human services programs will help you start your career assisting social and healthcare workers providing services in non-profit or government settings. Earn a bachelor degree and continue for graduate work in social work, counseling, education, or non-profit work.

  • Human Services – Associate of Applied Science
  • Case Management / Residential Service Aide – Certificate

Information Technology

Start a career in information technology; provide customer service and problem solving skills to computer users, including installing printers and software, managing computer applications, or ensuring network security.

  • Information Technology – Associate of Applied Science
  • Computer Science – Associate of Science**
  • Computer Service and Support – Certificate
  • Network Security – Certificate

Journalism/Mass Media

Start a career in journalism investigating news leads, observing events at the scene, and interviewing people.

  • Journalism/Mass Media – Certificate

Liberal Arts

Start on your general education and prerequisites for many bachelor’s degrees.

  • Liberal Arts – Associate of General Studies

Machine Technologies

Start a career in machine technologies using machine tools, such as lathes, milling machines, grinders, and CNC centers to produce precision metal parts.

  • CNC Manufacturing – Associate of Applied Sciences
  • CNC Management – Associate of Applied Sciences
  • Basic Machining – Certificate
  • Industrial Maintenance Technologies – Certificate
  • Intermediate Machining – Certificate
  • CNC Machine Tool Operator – Certificate


With an associate’s degree in mathematics, you can transfer to a four-year college for careers in teaching, business, medicine, research, law, engineering or software development.

  • Mathematics – Associate of Science

Medical Pre-Professional Cluster

Start with required courses for graduate school study in medical careers.

  • Pre-Dental – Associate of Science**
  • Pre-Medical – Associate of Science**
  • Pre-Pharmacy – Associate of Science**
  • Pre-Physical Therapy – Associate of Science**
  • Pre-Physician’s Assistant – Associate of Science**
  • Pre-Veterinary Science – Associate of Science**


Obtain an associate’s degree in music. Transfer to a four-year college for careers in music performance, education, audio engineering, or music business/industry.

  • Music Industry Studies / Music Business / Recording Arts – Associate of Arts**
  • Music Performance Plan of Study – Associate of Arts**


Start a career in nursing treating and educating patients, recording patients’ medical histories and symptoms, performing diagnostic tests and analyzing results and administering treatment.


Start a paralegal career in a private law office or government work doing legal research, writing, & utilizing legal databases.

  • Paralegal – Associate of Applied Science
  • Paralegal – Certificate


Continue to a four-year college for careers in teaching, medicine, clean energy, engineering, or research with this associate’s degree in physics.

  • Physics – Associate of Science**

Political Science

Transfer to a four-year college for careers in public administration, foreign policy, law, business, elected office & government work after you have obtained this associate’s degree in political science.

  • Political Science – Associate of Arts*


Transfer to a four-year college for careers as a counselor or psychiatrist after you start with the associate degree programs in psychology at CCD.

  • Psychology – Associate of Arts**
  • Psychology – Associate of Science**

Radiation Therapy

Be part of an oncology team to treat cancer in the human body with these radiation therapy programs.

  • Radiation Therapy – Associate of Applied Science
  • Radiation Therapy – Certificate

Radiologic Technology

The radiologic technology program will help you start a technical career in healthcare by using diagnostic imaging equipment.

  • Radiologic Technology – Associate of Applied Science
  • Computed Tomography – Certificate
  • Mammography – Certificate


The sociology program will prepare you to transfer to a four-year college to become a victim’s advocate in a police department, a social worker, or a substance abuse program counselor.

  • Sociology – Associate of Arts**

Theatre Performance

Start a career in theater performance and learn such skills as acting, theatre direction, costume design, set design, technical direction, and arts management.

  • Theatre Performance – Associate of Arts**

Veterinary Technology

Start a career working in small and large animal veterinary clinics, veterinary sales, or animal research with this veterinary technology program.

  • Veterinary Technology – Associate of Applied Science


Start a career working with different welding techniques to bind steel, titanium, aluminum, or stainless steel in construction, manufacturing and green energy economies.

  • Arc Welder – Certificate
  • Basic Welding – Certificate
  • Intermediate Welder – Certificate
  • Fabrication Welder – Associate of Applied Science, Certificate

World Languages

Learn a new language with the world language program at CCD. You can also transfer to a four-year college and pursue careers in business (international, marketing, human resources), education or translation with these degrees.

  • French – Associate of Arts*
  • German – Associate of Arts**
  • Spanish – Associate of Arts*