Online & Hybrid Learning

Online and Hybrid courses provide you flexibility in your learning environment. This convenient alternative learning gives you access to all the tools to view class information, access important materials, upload and turn in assignments, and exchange ideas via the discussion box within the course management system, Desire2Learn.

Online vs. Hybrid

  • While online classes usually do not meet at a specific time, there are still deadlines for assignments and coursework. Academic rigor and contents covered in an online class are equivalent to traditional, campus-based learning.
  • Hybrid classes have both a classroom and an online component. Hybrids periodically meet in a real classroom throughout the semester, but the bulk of class work is done online. Hybrid students need to be self-motivated.

Two Options for Online Learning

As an online or hybrid learning student, you can take classes through CCD Online and through Colorado Community College Online (CCCOnline). You may take courses on campus, CCD Online, and CCCOnline simultaneously. CCD Online is managed and taught by CCD staff and faculty. The courses are developed, designed, and approved by the College.

CCCOnline is a consortium comprised of the thirteen community colleges in the Colorado Community College System (CCCS). Learn more about CCD, CCCOnline, and Hybrid Courses right here.

As a student of online or hybrid courses, you will notice many things are similar to that of a traditional student’s education—there are instructors, classmates, course materials, and assignments. However, while online and hybrid environments offer much more flexibility, they require more self-direction and self-discipline from you. Certain work habits, learning styles, and skills contribute to a successful online or hybrid learning experience.

Successful online and hybrid students

  • are able to use technology properly and comfortable with computers,
  • are able to participate in classes at least three times per week,
  • are self-disciplined and capable of planning time to study and time to complete assignments,
  • are active learners,
  • take notes as they study,
  • commit six to nine hours per week per three-credit class,
  • learn easily from reading and writing,
  • enjoy communicating in writing and reading the writing of others,
  • work with others easily to complete projects,
  • communicate with instructors if problems arise, and
  • are willing to share ideas, carefully consider responses to the sharing of others, and are prepared to occasionally have ideas challenged.

Preparing Your Computer for Online Courses

To be successful as an online or hybrid student, it is important to have a computer system that can adequately support you in the tasks you will need to accomplish. You will need to have access to a computer system that meets the minimum Technical Requirements.

To ensure a successful experience, ideally, you should use the most current version of Firefox, which works much better with D2L (load time is quicker). You can download a free version of Firefox. Here are some additional system and software requirements for online learning.

OPERATING SYSTEM Windows XP, Vista, or Windows 7
Mac OS X 10.4
Windows 7
Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion_
VIDEO Minimum resolution of 1024x600 Resolution of 1024x768 or greater
INTERNET SPEED 56 modem 56 or cable modem, DSL
SUN JAVA RUNTIME ENVIRONMENT (JRE) JRE v 1.6.x (required to run Equation Editor) JRE 1.6 update 31 -This version is recommended because it is
currently most compatible with the equation editor in your course.
BROWSER SUPPORT Windows - Firefox 3 Max - Safari 3.1 or Firefox 3 or current version
JAVASCRIPT Must be enabled  
COOKIES Must be enabled  
POP-UP BLOCKERS Must be disabled or set to allow pop-ups from your course site  

Both CCD and CCCOnline are great options. If you elect to take a course through CCC Online, you must first be a CCD student.

  • First, apply to CCD.
  • Then, you will have access to CCCOnline courses.

Register for Online Learning

CCD Online & Hybrid Course Registration

Register for a CCD Online class at CCDConnect.

Once Registered

  • You can access your classes, view a short orientation video, and familiarize yourself with the program through Desire2Learn.
  • You can view your tuition statement and make timely payments using credit or debit cards through CCDConnect.
  • Make sure to pay your tuition within 24 hours of your registration, or call the Cashier’s Office at 303.556.2075 to make arrangements for partial payment, otherwise you may be dropped from your course(s) at any time.
  • CCD students may purchase books from any of the following links:
  • CCCOnline students may purchase books through the CCCOnline bookstore.