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Use the guides provided on this page will help you enroll in the College. Questions? Call to speak with the International Admissions Counselor, Dat Bui, at 303.352.3073 or stop by our office any time!


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Get started with these Steps to a Successful Enrollment!

You can also download the Admissions & Registration Guide

Step 1. Complete the International Student Application

Complete the international student online application.

Application Deadlines

The application deadline for students who reside outside the United States is three months prior to the beginning of the semester.

The application deadline for international students residing in the United States and currently hold a student (F-1) visa is two weeks prior to the beginning of each semester.

FALL August - December June 1
SPRING January - May November 1
SUMMER June - August March 1

Step 2. Activate Your CCD Email Account

  • Your student CCDConnect email account is the official means of communication between you and the College.
  • Use this Quick Guide to learn how to activate your CCD email account.
  • At least once a week you should sign in to the CCDConnect web portal and view your registration and check your email.

Step 3. Submit the Documentation Required for Acceptance

Once the application is complete, all documents must be submitted by the deadline date for an admissions decision to be made. The standard processing timeframe is three to five (3-5) business days. Please note: It is recommended that you submit all documents as early as possible because visa applications may take months to process in some countries. Incomplete applications cause delays. If you have questions, we recommend you email us.

Application Fee

A $75 non-refundable application fee must be submitted. The College accepts checks, bank drafts, and credit card payments. Make checks payable to Community College of Denver.

Official Transcripts

  • Official copies of high school and college transcripts from your country must be provided.
  • If not in English, a translated certified version must be submitted. Approved translation agencies can be located at Send the official international transcript to one of the approved agencies listed here. You will need to click on “Current Members” to view the list of approved agencies.
  • Once received, the transcript evaluation will be completed within 7-10 business days.

Financial Support Documentation

  • You must provide a United States or international bank statement showing that your parents or sponsors have a minimum of $25,565 U.S. dollars, which covers a nine-month academic year’s tuition, books, insurance, and living expenses.
  • If you have a sponsor, you may submit an Affidavit of Support with other financial statement(s) or bank affidavits. The affidavit is available at U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.

Evidence of Proficiency in the English Language (TOEFL)

Proof of English proficiency is not required for applicants who have graduated from an American high school. Otherwise, you must submit one of the following:

  • A minimum score of 477 on the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), or 57 on the internet-based test.
  • An official TOEFL score report may be sent directly to CCD by indicating the Institution Code 4137 when taking the exam. 


  • An official International English Language Testing System (IELTS) score of 5.5 or higher.


  • Successful completion of an intensive program of English as a Second Language at an approved institution.

Please be advised that all students are required to take an English writing test once you arrive to CCD. If CCD assessment test scores are below English composition level, mandatory placement in lower English classes must be pursued. You will learn more about this at New Student Orientation at a later date.

Proof of Health Insurance Coverage

Health Insurance is required for International Students. Coverage must begin prior to your enrollment and you are required to maintain the coverage while you are a CCD student.

Proof of insurance should be provided to the International Student Services office before the first day of classes.

Transfer Students

If you are currently attending a school in the United States, you must submit—in addition to the above documents—copies of your current I-20 form, current Visa, Passport, and a copy of your I-94 page. Please notify your current school of your transfer status.

Visiting Students

If you currently hold a valid I-20 with another school, you may be authorized to take classes at CCD. Once you complete the online international admissions application, a letter of authorization from your current school’s International Office must be provided along with valid copies of your Passport and Visa.

Mail All Completed Documentation

Please obtain a tracking number from your post office for your records.

Mailing Addresses

For Regular Mail
Community College of Denver
International Student Services
Campus Box 201
P.O. Box 173363
Denver, CO 80217-3363
United States of America
For Express Deliveries (UPS, FedEx, DHL)
Community College of Denver
International Student Services, Room 114
1201 5th Street
Denver, CO 80204
United States of America

After You Complete the Application Process

  • After we have received all of the application documents required, we will review your application and notify you of our decision by email. Application materials will not be returned.
  • Students who are accepted will be sent an I-20 form and an official acceptance packet. The I-20 form is the immigration document you will need when you apply for a student visa at your local U.S. Embassy or Consulate. The acceptance letter and other materials will give you detailed instructions on what you need to do to complete your enrollment at CCD. Also read more on the I-20 form and Visa Status Information tab.
  • We encourage you to check Citizenship and Immigration Services for more information about the forms you will need to complete.

Step 4. Meet the Assessment Requirement

You must meet assessment requirements in the areas of math, reading, and English.

A. Take the placement test to assess your current academic skill level. Before you take the test you are strongly encouraged to prepare for the test.


B. Provide the Testing Center with an unofficial copy of college transcripts from a regionally accredited institution along with the Transcript Intake Form for review.

Step 5. Get Academic Advising

Get the academic advising process started early. Your academic advising session helps you pick your classes. Use the information here to determine your academic advising route.

  1. If you are undecided or undeclared in a major, visit the Academic Advising Center.
  2. If you have a declared and confirmed major or program, you will visit your program advisor. For example, if you are interested in a Health Sciences program, your program advisors at the Health Sciences Center at Lowry will assist you.
  3. If you tested into ESL classes, meet with the ESL Advisor in Cherry Creek 307.

Step 6. Register for Classes

Register for your classes early for the best selection of classes and times. F1 Students are required to maintain full-time status for the fall and spring semesters. You must maintain full-time status for the summer semester only if it is your first semester attending CCD.

Step 7. Complete the Payment Process

  • Pay your tuition and fees in full at least one week before classes start.
  • If you miss the payment deadline, you may be dropped from all classes and your original classes may no longer be available.
  • Payment options are available; learn more at the Cashier’s Office.

Step 8. Attend New Student Orientation

ORIENTATION IS MANDATORY. Register for your New Student Orientation and read about all the helpful tips you’ll gain at Orientation. Some of the topics to be covered for you are:

  • CCD Student Rights & Responsibilities
  • Campus Life
  • How to Navigate the Student Portal
  • Academic Advising Information
  • Transfer Information
  • International Student Requirements
  • International Student Club

Students who have not yet provided a copy of your Passport, Visa, I-94 page, and proof of Health Insurance will be asked to do so at Orientation. Failure to provide the International Student Services office with these copies will result in a hold placed on your student account.

Please submit all the necessary documents by the deadline date for the semester in which you plan to enroll. The College will not issue the I-20 until all admission documents are on file with the International Student Services office and the student has been officially accepted to the College.

Facts about I-20

  • New international students being issued an I-20 from a school in the U.S. will be required to pay a Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS) fee.
  • The SEVIS Form I-901 online completion provides a brief explanation of the fee requirement and procedure to pay online. For more detailed information on the fee payment process, go to Immigration and Customs Enforcement and review the Frequently Asked Questions.
  • Transferring International Students (with a current I-20 from another school in the U.S.) will not be charged another fee, if transfer is approved from both the current and new school.
  • International students must establish themselves in full-time status and maintain a grade point average of at least 2.0. These requirements must be met and maintained; otherwise, you will lose your F-1 (Student Visa) status.

Facts about F-1 Visas

  • To obtain the F-1 Visa while applying from abroad; after you have been notified of your acceptance to CCD, you must take the I-20, a valid passport, a Form I-901 SEVIS fee receipt, and separate financial support documentation to the American Embassy or Consulate in your country.
  • International students on F-1 Visas DO NOT qualify for financial aid or statewide scholarships.
  • All international students on F-1 visas must register and complete a minimum of 12 semester hours per semester and complete their educational objectives within a reasonable period of time (usually two to three years).

2003 USCIS Photo Standard

In accordance with language specified in the Border Security Act of 2003, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has changed the photo requirements for all applicants from a three-quarter face position to a standard, full-frontal face position.

  • USCIS will no longer accept a three-quarter position photograph.
  • All photos must be of just the applicant.
  • Where more than one photo is required, all photos of the person must be identical.
  • All photos must meet the specifications for full frontal/passport photos and must be no more than 30-days old when an application is filed.
  • For more information on photo standards, visit Department for State or contact the USCIS National Customer Service Center at 1.800.375.5283.

An additional resource offered for International Students at CCD is Airport Pickup. Airport pickup may be provided by International Students Incorporated (ISI). CCD and the office of International Student Services are not affiliated with, endorsed, or sponsored by ISI. Learn more about ISI.

Why Choose CCD?

The Community College of Denver (CCD) welcomes students from all over the world to our campus—the most diverse campus in Colorado. We are proud of our commitment to diversity with nearly half of our students as people of color and our international student population representing more than 40 nations. As a student at CCD, you can choose from more than 100 programs that will prepare you for a career or for transfer to a two- or four-year university. Call our office if you have questions about our programs, about campus life, or wish to schedule a tour of campus.