February 24, 2022

Improv Jams

Come and play some games with us!

CCD Theatre's Chuck Roy is hosting a series of 1-hour improv jams throughout the semester as a way for students to learn basic improv skills, meet other students, and get ready for team auditions!

Meet us in the King Center 135 at 2:00 p.m. in the CCD Studio Theatre on each of these dates to get involved.

February 24, 2022

Theme: Accepting

We will be learning the cardinal 'Yes, And!' rule of improv with games like Red Ball, Blue Ball and Knife, Baby, Angry Cat. 

March 10, 2022

Theme: Listening

We will play games that are great for improving your listening skills. You'll learn how to listen, laugh, and have fun! 

Look for games like Red Ball, Circle of Sequences, Story Stealing, Story Story Die

March 31, 2022

Theme: Character

We will play games that are great for improving your ability to create flavorful characters. You'll learn how to thrill audiences with characters that are both savory and sweet!

Look for games like I'm Robert Paulson, Story to a Chair, and Props

April 14, 2022

Theme: Story

We will be playing games that are great for improving your storytelling skills. 

Look for games like What Are You Doing?, Alien Interview, and Introduce yourself in Gibberish

May 6, 2022

Theme: Party Games

This improv jam is a featured portion of our All Call! event, which also includes our Student Showcase.

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