Repeats every week every Wednesday and every Thursday until Thu Jan 23 2020 .


Are you ready to Work Smarter, Not Harder, this semester? 

In preparation for school, I-EXCEL provides 30 to 90-minute sessions to help you prepare for your upcoming semester. You can drop-in for math, writing, study strategies, and digital technology sessions. 

Topics for I-EXCEL

  • Algebra Skills Tune-Up 
  • Calculation Skills Tune-Up 
  • Getting to Know your TI Graphing Calculator
  • Trigonometry Skills Tune-Up
  • Becoming Your Own Best Editor 
  • MLA and APA Citation 
  • How to Get Ahead: Making Conscious Time Choices for Your Success 
  • Study Strategy Refresher 
  • Desire2Learn Refresher 
  • Typing Gamification 

Check It Out

Sessions begin Tuesday, January 14 and continue until Wednesday, January 23; mark your calendars now!

Work Smarter, Not Harder!