August 17, 2022

D2L Course Set-up Open House #1

Learn more about D2L and make the online aspects of your courses engaging for students!

These are open office hours hosted by TLC Staff. Come with your D2L questions. Topics can include:


Do you need assistance with setting up Assignment folders in your course? Have questions about the features of the tool? Included but not limited to, this area will cover setting up assignments, understanding due dates, Turnitin (plagiarism detection), the different types of assignments, linking to the grade book, and more.


Would you like to learn about setting up and managing discussions in your course? This area will cover the differences between forum and topic and how to set these up, how to link discussions to the grade book, attaching files to posts, and more!


Need assistance with setting up your grade book? Want to understand how to associate commonly used tools to Grades? Have questions about the differences between a "points" and "weighted" grade book?


Have questions about the Quiz tool in D2L? This area will include question creation, submission views, linking to the grade book, and more! Tip: Best practice is to always create questions in the Question Library first to prevent links from breaking.