Community Dialogue | Unity & Solidarity

On behalf of the Community College of Denver’s Care Team, we would like to acknowledge the fear and concern experienced by many of our CCD community members, particularly those who are affiliated with the DACA/ASSET program or who identify as having undocumented legal status. As many gather in solidarity across the nation and on our own Auraria campus, we would like to share that we support each individual community member and seek to encourage an individual’s right to further their knowledge.

In response to these experiences, the CCD Care Team will host a Community Dialogue. CCD students, staff, and faculty are invited to come together to allow for reflection and discussion surrounding possible changes to the DACA/ASSET initiative. This is a space for unity, support, and growth. It is a space to acknowledge the impact this has and find solace together. Light refreshments will be provided and representatives from the CCD Care Team, Counseling Center, and Student Life office will be present.  


Additionally, we would like to emphasize communities of support for anyone experiencing stress or trauma surrounding these events. These groups/organizations are available to all CCD students and provide a space where they can openly share and process what is happening for themselves.

CCD Care Team (303.352.3205)

The CCD Care Team is made up of campus members who provide outreach or referral support for CCD community members experiencing significant stress. This support is not just academic based but rather incorporates the whole individual including human service and mental health needs. Fill out a report any time you’re concerned about someone -

CCD Counseling Center (303.352.6436)

Counseling Services are available to registered CCD students from Auraria, Lowry, and the Advanced Manufacturing Center. The Counseling Center is located in Tivoli 221 and each student is eligible for four to eight sessions each academic year. Students can be referred to the CCD Counseling Center through the Care Team. To schedule an appointment, please contact the Care Team at 303.352.3205 to schedule an intake appointment. Services include:

  • stress management
  • grief support
  • crisis intervention
  • self-care support


For further information on enrollment, residency, scholarships, and/or support groups available to ASSET/DACA students, please see our webpage at

Please contact the Care Team directly with any further questions at 303.352.3205.