March 24, 2021

Cannabis Virtual Workshop Series | Cannabis & Cardiovascular Disease

A 2020 statement issued by the American Heart Association evaluates cannabis’ safety and efficacy. We’ll discuss this journal article and other research on the cardiovascular side effects and possible benefits of smoking cannabis, and delve into recommendations about cannabis for patients living with cardiovascular disease in our free virtual workshop.

Hosted by Timothy Byars, President and Chief Education Officer of Radicle Health. Radicle Health provides access to medical and educational cannabis resources. We help our patients, many of whom are seniors, use cannabis to treat age-related and chronic illness.

“For too long, misguided legislation and fear of legal retribution has forced the responsibility of cannabis healthcare out of the hands of licensed healthcare professionals and into the retail sphere. Evaluating a patient and creating a treatment plan, especially for an older adult, is complex. We can’t expect a person with a non-medical degree to adequately assess a patient’s needs when that patient is suffering from illness or taking multiple medications. The cannabis industry must be proactive about moving health care back into the hands of healthcare professionals. We must educate the medical community about using cannabis as a treatment modality, and disabuse the general public and local leaders of eight decades of misinformation. That’s what we intend to do.” - Timothy Byars

This virtual workshop is free and open to the public and will be held on the Cisco Webex platform.  A link to join the workshop will be emailed to you after you RSVP.

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