February 14, 2024

Black History Month - Benjamin Banneker

Benjamin Banneker

November 9, 1731 - October 9, 1806

  • A naturalist, mathematician, astronomer, and almanac author. A landowner, he also worked as a surveyor and farmer
  • Born in Baltimore County, Maryland to a free African-American mother and a father who had formerly been enslaved, Banneker had little or no formal education and was largely self-taught
  • At age 15, he took over the family farm and created an irrigation system to control the flow of water to the crops
  • In the 1750s, he invented the first clock in America; it was this invention that put his talents on display for the country
  • Responsible for surveying of territory for construction of the nation's capital in 1791 after the lead architect quit
  • Authored commercially successful series of almanacs
  • Corresponded with Thomas Jefferson, drafter of the United States Declaration of Independence, on the topics of slavery and racial equality

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