VA Enrollment Form

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Each semester after you register for classes, the CCD Veteran services office will need the VA Enrollment Form and the Veteran Notice of Student Responsibility Form in order to send your enrollment to the VA. Please complete the fields below to complete the Enrollment Form (or you may download a PDF version here).

Student Information

i.e., Fall 2017

Course Information

It is your responsibility to drop/withdraw from courses through your CCDConnect account by the established deadline

Final Questions


By submitting this form you are agreeing to the following statements:

  1. I understand the classes I register for must be required for my major.
  2. I am aware changes in my registration may alter the payment the VA will award me.
  3. It is my responsibility to contact CCD’s VA Office regarding any changes in my class schedule.
  4. I understand I will be responsible for any overpayments I might receive from the VA.
  5. Any prior college transcripts must be turned in to the CCD VA Office no later than the end of your first semester.
  6. I understand the VA will not pay me or the school for online remedial courses.
  7. I understand the VA will only pay in-state tuition and it is my responsibility to turn in the requested residency forms by the determine date.
  8. I understand my BAH(Post 9/11) will be prorated if I take all online classes.


Please type your full name.