Optional 24/7 Online Proctoring Service

About Proctor U

Proctor U is an online vendor that supports faculty by providing solutions for alternative proctored testing needs.  As a separate entity from the CCD Testing Center, Proctor U is an optional service for faculty and students that offers convenience and flexibility. Proctor U is a live online proctoring service available 24/7 that allows faculty to provide students the ability to take exams from anywhere using a webcam and Internet connection. This service uses live proctors who monitor exams by observing the student (via webcam) and his or her computer screen in real time. This option is not available for paper/pencil exams. 

To get started as faculty, Proctor U provides a brief training to support their course testing needs. The training includes how to set up a proctored exam, informs how students can benefit from the service, student fees, as well as how both faculty and students can use Proctor U’s own dedicated customer service resources. 

The cost for this optional service is based on the length of the exam and paid directly to Proctor U by credit or debit card. Fees are based on the maximum time limit of the exam.

Time Cost
30 minutes or less $8.75
31 – 60 minutes $17.50
61 – 120 minutes $25.00
121 – 180 minutes $33.75
181 minutes or more $42.50

Please note, additional fees may apply for any exam scheduled or rescheduled less than 72 hours in advance. 

First-Time Using Proctor U Services

Once you confirm with your instructor that your exams are available, please schedule and pay for your exam directly through Proctor U at least 72 hours in advance. Please note, not all exams are available through Proctor U.