Academic Testing for Standard Students

About this Service

The Testing Center provides Academic testing services* to CCD students for makeup, retake, midterm, and final exams provided by your instructor.

You are required to schedule a class testing appointment a minimum of 24 hours in advance.

No exceptions will be made. If you do not have a testing appointment, you will not be able to take your exam.

*Should you require testing accommodations approved by the Accessibility Center, you must schedule your appointment at the Accessibility Center (Confluence Building, Room 121).

ID Requirement

A government-issued ID is required to take a test. Upon request, an additional form of identification must be shown.

Appointment Policy

This is an appointment-based exam. Please schedule your appointment 24 hours in advance (this link will take you to an external scheduling website). 

Appointment Policies

  • You will be unable to select appointments less than the 24-hour minimum requirement. It is suggested that you schedule your appointments one to two days before your requested testing date.
  • Appointments are made available online after the test is submitted to the Testing Center. Contact your instructor if your test is not available.
  • Appointments are scheduled according to each instructor's specifications. Contact your instructor regarding any test-specific questions (i.e., time limit, test deadline, allowed materials, etc.).
  • You are allowed to check-in within 30 minutes before and after your scheduled appointment. If you arrive more than 30 minutes after your appointment, you will not be able to take the exam and will need to reschedule.

Format of Tests

Tests may be either paper/pencil or online. The type of test and format depends on the instructor. Materials permitted during the test (notes, books, calculators, etc.) are determined by your instructor.

Time Limit

Time limits vary depending on your instructor and the test you are taking.

Test Fee

There is no cost for CCD class testing.

Results of Test

Each instructor is responsible for picking up and grading the tests.

Retest Information

To retake a test, you must coordinate with your instructor.