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Seven Steps to Submitting a Test 

The information on this page is only applicable to CCD Instructors.

Information for CCD Students can be found at Class Testing for CCD Students.

Last modified: April 2022

STEP 1: Steps for Success
It is important to take the time to complete the form accurately. Please be sure to read through all eight steps and ensure your documents are high quality and all special correctors are clear. Standard (non-accommodated) exam submissions and Accommodated exam submissions must be submitted separately. For additional help completing the forms, please call the Testing Center at 303.352.6810. 
STEP 2: Exam Processing Time 
Submit your request a minimum of 3 business days prior to the first-day students are allowed to take their test or quiz. Exams will be made available for students to schedule testing appointments within three business days after your form submission. For example, if the desired first day for students to test is on a Monday, then the faculty  "Testing Center test submission form" needs to be submitted no later than Wednesday the week before to allow for processing. Please plan accordingly. 
STEP 3: Students Must Schedule a Testing Appointment
STANDARD (non-accommodated) students are required to schedule their testing appointments online. Appointments must be scheduled at least 1 business day prior to the requested appointment date and time. It is highly recommended students to schedule 2 business days in advance for priority seating.
ACCOMMODATED students are required to schedule their testing appointments at the Accessibility Center (Confluence Building, Room 121) or by completing the accommodated appointment request form. Appointments must be scheduled at least a week in advance, visit the Accessibility Center for more details. 
STEP 4: Student Arrives at Testing Center
Students are required to bring a photo ID for check-in purposes. Students without a photo ID and/or testing appointment will not be admitted into the Testing Center. 
STEP 5: Administering your Exam
The Testing Center will administer exams according to your instructions and the Testing Center policies. Please review the Test Security & Fairness policies prior to submitting exams. Any notes in excess of the standard two (2) pages, front and back, or other items (photos, samples, etc.) will need to be clearly written out in the notes section (NOTE: Unclear instructions could delay the availability of your test). Testing irregularities, such as but not limited to incidents of suspected cheating, will be documented by the Testing Center staff on an Irregularity Report. A copy of this report will be attached to your test along with any materials confiscated from the student. The student may be dismissed from the Testing Center. It will be up to you in collaboration with the other stakeholders to determine the appropriate consequences. 
STEP 6: Picking Up Completed Exams
All completed exams can be picked up at the Testing Center (Confluence Building, Room 216) during regular hours of operations. The Testing Center does not mail or scan completed exams. 
STEP 7: Making Changes to Previously Submitted Exams
If you need to extend a deadline or make additional changes, please email the Testing Center and/or Accessibility Center. All changes will be made within 1 business day. You will receive a confirmation email, to your CCD email account, after the changes have been made. 
STEP 8: Submit your Exam Online
Submit your exam and proctoring instructions to the Testing Center test submission form.