CCD Human Services

The mission of CCD’s Human Services Program is to support students’ academic success by providing all Cityhawks with inclusive, collaborative and student-centered support services and culturally-responsive programming. Specifically, we offer non-clinical peer support, strength-based coaching, connection to campus, community-based resources and assistance, as well as professional development, training, and advocacy opportunities. The CCD Human Services Program also works to eliminate hunger and improve the health and well-being of all Cityhawks through the CCD Food Pantry which provides judgment-free access to healthy and nutritious foods and food assistance programs.

To achieve our mission, the CCD Human Services Program commits to:

  • Value difference & multiplicity
  • Engage the students we serve in a meaningful way.
  • Foster a holistic approach to supporting students
  • Challenge systems of oppression
  • Create a culture of self-reflection both as individuals and as a team.
  • Resolve conflict at the lowest level of harm by using a transformative justice approach
  • Utilize a healing Justice framework to transform the consequences of oppression faced by the students we serve.
  • Promote food justice by addressing historic trauma associated with injustice in our food system.

Resources For All CityHawks