Registering for Classes


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In response to the impact of COVID-19, classes at Community College of Denver (CCD) have been restructured to maintain high quality and safety. 

If you are not yet accepted into the College, please begin the steps to enrollment now. All students are assigned an “S Number” (or Student ID Number), which will be used throughout your time at CCD, including registering for classes online at CCDConnect. Below are the steps to help you register. You may also call us or visit the Cyber Center on the first floor of the Confluence Building for assistance.

Step 1. Login to Register

To register for classes, log in to CCDConnect by entering your username as your Student ID number (S Number) and password. Then click, “login.” Here are some handy tips:

  • Student ID Number: The letter “S”  followed by eight numbers
  • If you cannot remember your Student ID Number, call our office at 303.556.2420.
  • Your Social Security Number cannot be used in place of your Student ID number.
  • Password: The first time you log in, you will be automatically directed to the “Password Expired” page to create a new password. Your password must be a combination of letters and numbers.
  • After resetting your password, you will be asked to select a security question and provide an answer. Create an answer that you will remember; please note that the answer you provide is case sensitive.
  • If you forget your password, click “Reset Password” on the login page and the security question page will display for you to provide the answer. If you cannot remember the answer to your security question, call our office at 303.556.2420.

Step 2. Look Up Classes

Use this as a guide to look up the classes being offered and schedules.

  • Click on the “Classes & Registration Tab.”
  • Click on “Lookup Classes” under Registration Tools.
  • Select the term and click “Submit.”
  • Students must read and agree to the Student Account Payment Agreement before continuing.
  • Select the “Subject” in which you are interested in and click “Course Search.” To select multiple course subjects, hold down your Ctrl key and click on all course subjects of interest.

NOTE: To narrow your search, select the “Advanced Search” button for other options such as “Times,” “Days,” “Instructional Method,” etc., but you must always include “Subject” in your search.

Step 3. Select Classes, Register & View Schedule

The instructions here will help you select, register and view your schedule.

  • Click in the open checkbox in front of the chosen Course Registration Number (CRN), then scroll to the bottom of the page.
  • Click on “Register.” The course will be added to your schedule. Your Current Schedule will appear, then verify that you registered for the correct course.
  • You can continue to add or drop classes by repeating the “Class Search” function OR you may choose to use the “Add to Worksheet” to develop a full schedule before finalizing and submitting to registration.

Step 4. Finalize Your Registration

This is the final step in the registration process, but don't forget to read the additional information provided on this page and other tabs.

  • Click “Return to Menu” (at the top right-hand corner of the page) to view your detailed schedule, view/pay your bill, and access your financial aid information.
  • Click on the "Detailed Student Schedule" on the "Classes & Registration Tab" to view and print a copy of your current schedule.

It is important that you review your Detailed Student Schedule for the dates and deadlines of each of your classes. Late start and accelerated courses have different start/end dates and different census and withdraw deadlines than regular, full-term classes.

Academic Standing

Students on academic suspension are unable to register for courses. Please see the suspension advisor in the Academic Advising and Student Success Center in Confluence Building, room 123 to initiate the reinstatement process.

Course Load

You should discuss with your advisor the number of courses to sign up for in a semester. The maximum load for all students is 18 credit hours. Special permission may be granted from the Director of Advising to enroll in more than 18 credit hours.

Auditing Classes

You may audit—or take for no credit—courses listed in the schedule at the regular tuition rate. The deadline to apply to audit a course is the census date (see calendar). You cannot change an “audit” to a “for-credit” class after the census date. The College Opportunity Fund does not apply to audited courses.

Add a Course to Your Schedule

It is your responsibility to add or drop courses by the published deadline. Adding or dropping classes may affect financial aid. Please check with the Financial Aid Office for details.

  • You can add classes to your class schedule up until the last day to register according to published deadlines.
  • If a class is full and closed for registration, you will have the option to wait-list for the course.
  • Once a seat becomes available due to another student dropping the course, the first student on the waitlist will be notified of the opening via their college assigned student e-mail account. The open seat is then reserved for a period of 24 hours. Students must take action to be added to the class within that time, or the system will notify the next student on the waitlist.
  • The college will not allow exceptions for students who do not register within the time allowed.
  • Students may have less than 24 hours to register if the time allowed overlaps with the last day to register. Check your email frequently for notifications of open seats.

Drop a Course from Your Schedule

  • You may drop courses for a full refund by the census date (the last day to drop and receive a refund or not be charged for the class). After census day, you can withdraw from your class until the published deadline and receive a “W” grade.
  • Withdrawals: You may withdraw from a class or classes after the refund deadline and receive a grade of “W” through the “Last day to Withdraw” date. There will be no exceptions to the withdraw deadline. CCD will not issue a refund. See your advisor and instructor before withdrawing. If you receive financial aid, check with the Financial Aid Office to ensure that withdrawing from a class will not affect your loans, scholarships or grants.

What Are Prerequisites?

A prerequisite is a required course that must be successfully completed before you can register for the course that identifies that prerequisite. An example of this is CHE 111, General College Chemistry. A student must have taken the prerequisites with a ‘C’ or better in ENG 121 and MAT 121 in order to enroll in CHE 111. Students can refer to the college catalog and class schedule for the required prerequisites of classes.

Most CCD courses have a reading skill prerequisite and/or a required assessment score. You must either take the placement test from the Testing Center or have the equivalent on your transcripts or ACT/SAT test scores to be exempt from the basic skills test.

What happens if I try to register without having the necessary prerequisite?

If you try to enroll in a course without the appropriate prerequisite, the online registration will generate the error “Prereq and Test Score-Error.” You will not be able to register.

How can I satisfy the prerequisite requirement?

When you get the “Prereq and Test Score” error, you have several options, depending on what the prerequisite is:

  • If the prerequisite classes are remedial classes or require "minimum level assessment scores," you can bring in previous college transcripts (or ACT/SAT scores if taken within the last 5 years) to have the Testing Center assess them for higher corresponding college-level classes. Additional information about this option can be found on the Exemption from the Placement Test webpage.
  • If the classes are not remedial and do not require an English, Math, or Reading prerequisite requirement, you can bring in previous college transcripts to the Testing Center to complete an unofficial evaluation. In order to do this, you must also fill out the Transcript In-Take Form with your unofficial transcript(s). The Testing Center will process an unofficial evaluation within 7-10 business days of receipt.
  • If you are seeking a CCD degree or certificate, you should arrange to have your official transcript(s) sent to the Office of Registration and Records for a transfer credit evaluation so the credit(s) can be applied toward your CCD program of study. Please note that official evaluations take up to 7-10 business days to complete before the prerequisite credits are posted to your account and only credits that apply to your designated program of study will be transferred in. Note: The Office of Registration and Records does not grant prerequisite waivers/overrides.
  • Please contact the Testing Center if you have further questions about the prerequisite and course exemptions process.

What Are Co-Requisites?

A co-requisite is a course or requirement that must be completed during the same semester as the course that identifies the co-requisite.

  • An example of this is CCR 094, which must be taken with ENG 121.
  • Students should refer to the CCD catalog and class schedule for accompanying co-requisite(s).

When a class is full and closed for registration, you will have the option to add your name to the waitlist. Once a seat becomes available, the first student on the waitlist will be notified of the opening via their college-assigned student email account. The open seat is then reserved for a period of 24 hours. Students must take action to be added into the class within the time allowed, or the system will notify the next student on the waitlist of the opening.

You can learn more about CCD Waitlisting by watching the Course Registration Waitlist Video.

  • It is important to activate your college-assigned email account and check it on a frequent basis to avoid missing waitlist notifications. The college will NOT make exceptions for students who do not register within the time allowed.
  • It is your responsibility to clear any registration holds in a timely manner. If you do not register before the notification expires, you will not be given an exception. You may check your eligibility to register in CCDConnect by selecting the "Registration Status" link in the "Classes & Registration" tab.
  • After you have registered for the class you must pay your tuition in full, or make payment arrangements, prior to the published deadline. Failure to do so will result in being dropped for non-payment. If you are dropped, your spot will become available to other students on the waitlist. You will not be allowed back in your class, so please plan accordingly.

Frequently Asked Questions for Waitlist

What is the waitlist?

When a course reaches maximum capacity and is no longer available for registration, students will have the option to waitlist for that section through CCDConnect. If a seat becomes available, the first student on the waitlist will be notified of the opening via their college-assigned student email account. The open seat will only be reserved for a maximum period of 24 hours. Students are not automatically added and must take action to register within the time allowed, or the open seat will be offered to the next student in the waitlist queue. All courses listed in the class schedule, with the exception of Open Learning courses, will have the waitlist option when all seats are filled.

Are there any restrictions?

You can waitlist for only one section of the same course. For example, you cannot waitlist for ENG 121-001 and ENG 121-002 at the same time.

  • You cannot be registered and waitlisted for the same course. For example, a student registered for MAT 121-009 will not be allowed to waitlist for MAT 121-002.
  • All registration restrictions apply (co-requisites, prerequisites, time conflict, and maximum hours).

What happens when a seat becomes available?

If space becomes available, the first person on the waitlist will receive an automated email from the College. That student is given 24 hours to register online for the course through CCDConnect. You are expected to check your college-assigned email account on a consistent and frequent basis as you are responsible for all communications received.

What happens if I don’t register within the time allowed?

If you do not register within the 24-hour window, you will be dropped from the waitlist and the next student on the waitlist will receive an email notification. There are no exceptions.

When is the last day I can get on the waitlist?

You will be able to waitlist until the last day to register. If a seat becomes available on that day, you must register before 11:59 p.m. There are no exceptions and faculty will not sign you into a full class, nor will late registration be allowed after the last day to register. Only students who are officially registered are allowed to attend classes. For this reason, you are encouraged to register early for best course selection. Refer to the schedule for specific deadline information.

How can I check my status on the waitlist?

Please see the step-by-step Waitlist QuickGuide and find out how to view your status on the waitlist.

When is payment due once I register for a waitlisted course?

Tuition and fees can be paid online through CCDConnect or at the Cashier’s Office. Tuition and fees must be paid by the published payment deadline. Please refer to the class schedule for specific payment deadlines. Failure to make payment arrangements will result in being dropped from classes. Re-enrollment will not be allowed.

If I am waitlisted, will I be able to attend class until a seat opens up?

Only students who are officially registered are allowed to participate in course activities.

Am I guaranteed a seat if I waitlist a class?

No, being on a waitlist does not guarantee you a spot in the class. It also does not guarantee that additional seats will be made available. It is a way for you to wait in line for a possible opening.

What if I don’t get into a class for which I am waitlisted?

If you do not get into a class for which you are waitlisted, you have the following options:

  • Review your degree audit report from Degree Works to see if there is another class you can take in the current term and plan on registering for the course early next semester.
  • Drop yourself from the waitlist and find another class that has space available. You must do this before the last day to register.