Working with Marketing

The CCD marketing team is comprised of creative services and the marketing and communication department.

Our goals are to:

  • create and maintain the college’s visual identity,
  • support and advance the college brand, and
  • encourage and assist college departments to communicate effectively with their target audiences. 

In short, we’re here to make you look good, and make sure the college is promoted in the best way.

The CCD marketing team has a wide variety of platforms we use to get the word out, from printed publications, to digital signage, the website, blog, and social media, as well as paid traditional advertising. There are a lot of questions we need to answer before we can recommend a course of action.  Contact us for more information or to receive our informative "How to Guides."

Questions to Consider

Step 1. What audience are you trying to reach?

Step 2. What information are you trying to communicate?

Step 3. How will you measure the success of your outreach?

Step 4. Is there a deadline involved? (event date, RSVP date, etc.)

  • If you have an upcoming marketing need, contact us as early as possible. Allow enough time for your project. Most publications will take three to four weeks from conception to final delivery; small jobs may take less time and major projects will take longer. If you have an emergency job, contact us ASAP, we’ll do everything within our power to help you out. 
  • Please remember, we work for the entire college; on average we’re juggling 40-50 different jobs at one time. If we need to “drop everything” for your last-minute request, that means your co-workers' jobs will be delayed. Please know: Jobs are not done on a first-come, first-served manner, they are evaluated as to their priority to the college mission and goals. 

Step 5. Do we need a meeting?

  • If you’re updating an existing publication or repeating an event, contact the designer you worked with last time. 
  • If you’re planning a new event or publication, the first step is to contact Sue Samuelson (internal communications and publications).
  • Most of our communication is via email, but if you prefer to meet in person, please make an appointment.
  • When you meet with us, make sure to define the full scope of work. The process works better if we know everything you are expecting from us before we start.
  • Come prepared to describe your ideal situation. We’ll want to hear your ideas; we’d love to see samples. If you don’t have specific ideas, that’s great, we’ll help you come up with a plan.

Step 6. Get us content.

  • You are the expert regarding what you’re trying to say, we need the first step to come from you. Don’t worry, we can help you edit your content. Most importantly, keep in mind the audience you are trying to reach.
  • We will need an electronic copy of your text. We will start work on your job when we receive your content.
  • You will need to be available for proofing throughout the life of your project; be ready to make timely approval decisions. Carefully check the final copy and design before it goes to print; changes after that will be expensive and will delay the project.

What mandatory information will you need to include?

All publications should incorporate the CCD logo and affirmative action/equal opportunity statement (if going off-campus). Some programs may also require Gainful Employment wording. We will help you make sure these get onto your document.