How Do I Pay for My Books?

Purchasing Books with Financial Aid

If you receive financial aid, you may be eligible to use it to purchase books and supplies at the Tivoli Station.

How Can I Use Financial Aid?

  • You must have a financial aid package for the correct aid year.
  • The amount of your pending financial aid must exceed your total tuition and fee charges for the semester.
  • Your financial aid funds may be limited.  So check with the Financial Aid Office before charging books to your student account.
  • By charging your books and supplies to your financial aid account, you are agreeing to limit your purchases to books and educationally related supplies (not clothing, food, drink, gifts, or other).
  • If the cost of your books and supplies is higher than your excess financial aid funds, you are responsible for paying the difference.

How Do I Apply?

You do not need to apply for bookstore purchase eligibility, but you must meet all requirements at least 1 month prior to the start of the semester.

  • Enrolled in six or more credit hours or have a Federal Pell Grant scheduled for the term.
  • Submitted all requested documents to the Financial Aid office.
  • Have enough financial aid authorized* to cover your tuition and fee bill plus excess for book purchases.
  • Not be Ineligible for Aid based on satisfactory academic progress status. 

When Can I Purchase My Books and Supplies Through the Tivoli Station?

  • Bookstore purchases may begin two weeks prior to the start of each semester. They will end on the third week of the semester.
  • Students who establish their eligibility for bookstore purchase less than one month in advance may experience delays and will be served on a first-come, first-served basis.

How Much Financial Aid Will I be Able to Use to Purchase Books at the Tivoli Station?

  • The amount of bookstore credit depends on the financial aid funds available to you. This amount can vary by student. So check with the Financial Aid Office before charging books to your student account.
  • The maximum amount allowable is $750.
  • Bookstore purchases will result in an increase to your tuition bill. When financial aid funds are disbursed after the add/drop period, the bookstore charge will be paid by your financial aid, along with your tuition and fees balance. The remaining credit balance refund will be deposited to your selected refund preference with BankMobile.

What Happens if I do not Spend All of my Bookstore Credit?

After the add/drop period, The remaining credit balance will be refunded to your selected preference with BankMobile 

Can I Charge Books to my CCD Bill Without Financial Aid?

No. The bookstore charge process is only available to eligible students with financial aid funds in excess of their tuition and fees.

*"AUTHORIZED AID" is aid that is "ready" to pay but the scheduled disbursement date has not yet arrived.*