ABC Scholarship for ASCENT / 5th Year Early College Students

Earning Money for College Is as Easy as ABC!

CCD is proud to introduce the ASCENT Building Completers (ABC) Post-ASCENT Scholarship Fund!

A. Earn a Scholarship to Complete Your Associate Degree at CCD
B. Finish Your Degree in Two Semesters or Less after ASCENT
C. Graduate & Transfer with Little or No Debt

About ABC

The purpose of the ABC Scholarship is to help students complete your associate degree within two semesters after ASCENT / 5th Year Early College. The scholarship can award up to $2000 for its recipients! By planning correctly and taking college courses during concurrent enrollment and ASCENT, this is easy to do!

  1. Complete 12 or more concurrent enrollment college credits while in high school that aligns with your plan of study for your associate degree.
  2. During your ASCENT / 5th Year Early College year, complete an additional 24-30 college credits that count toward your associate degree.
  3. Earn the ABC Post-ASCENT Scholarship to help you complete your associate degree in two semesters or less.

To Apply

The ABC Post-ASCENT Scholarship is open to students who complete the ASCENT / 5th Year Early College program at CCD. You may apply during the spring semester of your ASCENT / 5th Year Early College year, between January 1st and June 30th.  Please check with your College Pathways program advisor for more specific information.

By the end of your CCD ASCENT / 5th Year Early College year, you must:

  • be on track to complete an associate degree within two semesters,
  • have earned a minimum of 36 credits toward your associate degree at CCD,
  • have a 2.75 cumulative GPA,
  • have passed MAT and ENG courses for your degree.

To apply, you will need to complete the CCD scholarship application, which includes a personal essay. You will also submit your plan of study that documents

  • the 36 or more credits that you have passed that count toward your associate degree, including English and math courses.
  • your plan to earn the remaining courses in two semesters to graduate with your degree. 

The scholarship may be used for two consecutive semesters (summer, fall, spring) within one year after completing your ASCENT / 5th Year Early College year. You will need to take 12 credits in fall or spring (unless less are required in your final term for degree completion); no minimum would be required for summer enrollment.


Contact: Scott Gallegos, Program Advisor, College Pathways