One CCD Employee Giving Program

Why Donate

Your donation can impact a student, their family, and the community. Your support helped the CCD Foundation accomplish some amazing things in 2022.

In 2022...

  • 134 Individual Donors gave $84,528.
  • 597 students were supported by Foundation scholarships and $514,822 was used to support college programming.
  • The Foundation partnered with 33 agencies and organizations, and they provided $973,013 in support to CCD.


Earn a Gold Star: For any employee donor giving $1,200 or more in 2023-2024 ($100+ payroll deduction for FT employees), we will thank you with a Gold Star Recognition gift.

Be a 'SUPERSTAR': All employees are superstars in our book, and if you choose to donate during this time, we would like to thank you with a small gift. 

  • In addition, we would like to thank all staff and faculty who give $25 or more each month via payroll deduction by entering them into a drawing for one of our Gold Star Recognition gifts. TWO winners will be chosen!

How to Donate

Click below to set up your payroll deduction.

Donate via Payroll Deduction

If you prefer to give a one-time donation, CLICK HERE to give online.