COVID-19 Student Emergency Aid Fund

COVID-19 2.0: Moving from Relief to Recovery! 

Three months ago, many of our CCD students’ worlds came crashing down when the COVID-19 pandemic struck. Jobs disappeared overnight, classes went remote, and students were left wondering how to feed themselves and their families. The CCD Foundation launched the COVID-19 Student Emergency Relief Fund with a goal to raise $50,000 by April 30. That goal was reached, and exceeded, thanks to many generous donations! And while the fund came close to being depleted more than once, it never ran out. Hundreds of students received just-in-time assistance to support their families and to stay enrolled in spring classes.   

With the help from our CCD community, we raised $70,000! AMAZING! Nearly 150 students received cash assistance, with the average award of $500. And, nearly 50 students received laptops so that they can continue their studies. 

Consider Rita’s story*…On March 17th…I lost my job due to COVID. I struggled to pay my rent, food, utilities and tuition. Then, both of my parents lost their jobs. I have 8 sisters and 6 of them are still living with my parents, so helping them was my first priority. I can now go back to work but I am struggling to catch up. I really want to take a physics class this summer but I cannot afford it. Anything would help so that I can continue my education.”  

And when Tina* was notified of her COVID-19 assistance for her summer semester, she wrote, “I was so panicked! But now I know that being here at CCD is one of the best decisions I could have ever make, and your generosity just proves it again!”  

Our foundation is now shifting its focus towards recovery! We received a grant for $150,000 ($75,000 a year over two years) from the Colorado Opportunity Scholarship Initiative (COSI) to fund a new program to provide outreach and support to workers whose jobs disappeared due to COVID-19 in the Denver community.  The Foundation is committed to matching the COSI grant with scholarships and continued relief to ensure that these individuals can attend CCD tuition-free to gain the skills and knowledge they need to re-enter the workforce.  

Our fundraising goal for COVID-19 2.0 is $75,000 by Thanksgiving. We will continue to target assistance to the neediest students as they urgently work to complete their programs and get into the workforce. Every penny of this campaign goes directly to students, and as Rita* said, “Anything would help.”  

You can also help by liking @GivetoCCD on Facebook/Twitter and sharing our messages with your social community. Thank you! 

For questions or more information, please contact Leah Goss at, or call her at 720.503.5567. 

*Names changed; stories distilled