Bridge to Bachelors

Your Guaranteed Pathway to a Four-Year Degree in Colorado

The Colorado Community College System’s (CCCS) Bridge to Bachelor’s Degree Program ensures new, first-time students attending CCD are guaranteed admission to a participating four-year college or university upon completion of an Associate degree.

Benefits to Students

CCD students who participate in the Bridge to Bachelor’s Degree program will have access to:

• Personalized student advising to ensure credits easily transfer to your desired four-year college.
• Scholarship opportunities from four-year institutions to make college more affordable and doable.
• Students will be assigned a transfer coach to ensure a no-hassle transfer between CCD and your school of choice.

Participating Colleges

Participating four-year colleges touch all four corners of the state. Participating Bridge to Bachelor’s Degree program colleges include:

How to Apply

For new, first-time students:

  1. Indicate that you want to participate the in Bridge to Bachelor’s Degree program when filling out your application.
  2. Review with your advisor to make sure your intended degree and program are eligible.

CCD accepts anyone who applies; entrance exams (ACT, SAT, etc.) are not required for admission to the college or to participate in this program.

For existing students in their first semester:

  1. You can still apply by contacting your community college advisor and expressing interest in signing up for the Bridge to Bachelor’s Degree program.

Requirements to Transfer

A first-time CCCS student must:

  • Opt-in the program at the start of your Associate degree program a CCCS College, or within their first semester
  • Maintain a 2.0 minimum GPA
  • Complete any Associate of Arts (AA) or Associate of Science (AS) Degree
  • That’s it!