Drugs and Alcohol

CCD cares about students’ health, safety, and academic success and has a long-standing commitment to proactively address high-risk drinking and substance use. Illegal use and abuse of alcohol or other drugs can interfere with the academic learning process and risks the health and safety of individuals and the campus community. Like many colleges across the country, our goal is to improve academic success and the quality of student life on campus by increasing healthy lifestyles and reducing the harm associated with substance use. To aid in this success and to comply with DFSCA, we offer you the following information. 

We're Here to Support You

There are a variety of treatment programs, counseling centers, and other related resources available for support related to substance use on campus and within the community, including:

Auraria Campus/CCD Resources:

Community (State/National):

If you are concerned about a CCD community member due to alcohol or other drug use, mental health concerns, academic issues, or other reasons, the CCD Care Team is also available as a resource. Visit ccd.edu/care for more information and to submit a Care report.