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Facing the challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic can seem like a daunting task. We’re here to help.

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We offer short-term training options with flexible start times that give you the skills to become work-ready in as few as 5 weeks!  CCD has financial aid, grants and scholarships available to make it affor

Quickly Build Work-Ready Skills

You can learn job-ready skills in as little as 5 weeks! Brush up your existing knowledge by taking just a class or two, or complete a certificate that will prepare you to land a new career.   

Some of our most popular fast-start programs are:

Nurse Aide

The 5-week nurse aide certificate prepares you to perform fundamental nursing skills for direct personal care helping patients bathe, dress, walk, eat and other daily activities in a long-term facility, hospital or home. CCD Nurse Aide program is ranked in the top 5 (out of 132) in Colorado, with a 90% completion rate of the state exam. The Nurse Aide program is also a good first step for gaining employable skills while working towards nursing, medical assisting or other health careers. 

Certified Dietary Manager

Boost your employability within the foodservice industry by expanding your knowledge base! Certified Dietary Managers are experts at managing foodservice operations, including food service management, personnel and communication, nutrition, sanitation and safety, and business operations. You can become a Food Service Manager, Director of Food Services or a Dietary Director. Be job-ready in as little as one to two semesters, or even faster if you already have a related degree. 

Computer Technology

Prepare for employment as a computer technician: maintaining computer systems, troubleshooting errors, maintaining internet connectivity and servers and providing technical support. The IT job sector has high growth potential. Upon completing this certificate, you will be prepared to take the CompTIA A+ certification examinations and begin work. The certificate also transfers into our other information technology degrees. 

Computer-Aided Drafting & Design 

Gain the skills to succeed in the growing design and engineering fields. Learn how to use software to capture ideas and communicate them. Prepare for this in-demand career in as few as two semesters. 

Building  Crafts

Prepare for a great career in Denver’s booming construction industry. The basic and advanced building crafts certificates can each be completed in one semester. Both teach hands-on construction skills developed through guided work on an active construction site. 

CCD also offers fast-start certificates in the following areas: 

Contact our Work Ready Student Success Coach, Jaime Treadwell, today and take control of your future!  


Since  we are a fully accredited  college,  the vast majority of  our programs are financial-aid eligible, meaning you can apply for  Pell  grants and federal financial aid to help pay for your education. Scholarships are also available.

We do offer some special programs that are not financial aid eligible, for those, we’ve set up a scholarship fund to help you. 

You can even earn college credit for prior learning  you've acquired from work and life experiences, such as military service, volunteer or non-volunteer work experience, industry licensure or certifications, individual study, and reading. 

For assistance with completing your financial aid application or for more information about scholarships, you can set up a virtual appointment with our Educational Opportunity Center, or by calling them at 303.352.TRiO (8746) 


We developed these fast-start programs with employability in mind. The career options are listed on each of our program pages under the job outlook and salary information.  

CCD has cultivated relationships with area employers, helping our graduates secure internships and employment in their industries. We have our own job posting site with companies that have partnered with us.  

​If you’re not sure what your next step might be, you can meet with our student success coach and use our career assessment tools to figure out what career would be the best fit for you.

And when you're ready, our career center can help you prepare to apply and interview for your new career, including help with your resume and cover letter, as well as with interview skills and portfolio building. 

Tutoring Help 

If you’re unsure about coming back to school, don’t be. You’ll fit in, our community of learners is of all ages from all around the globe. Plus, we have an established tutoring center with one-on-one online meetings with tutors who can help if you need assistance in your classes.

You Can Start Today! 

In addition to 15-week semesters, we also offer sessions that start throughout the semester. These Flex-Start classes allow you to begin at many points during the year, giving you the flexibility that you need.

Many of our programs have common courses, so even if you’re not completely sure which program would be the best fit, you can start with one or two classes, and access our career coaching and assessment tools. 

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Call us today at 303.352.6955, or contact our Work Ready Student Success Coach, Jaime Treadwell, today and take control of your future!