WorkReady Program

Have you recently lost your job due to COVID-19?

Are you looking for education and training that can help you get hired in one of Colorado’s top industries (IT, Healthcare, and Manufacturing)? According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average number of jobs an individual will hold between 18 and 48 is eleven. Community College of Denver is eager to help in those pivotal points when those changes require some type of training and development to get that new job or start a new career through the WorkReady Program.

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What is WorkReady?

WorkReady is a program for individuals who have lost their jobs due to COVID-19. This program provides tuition assistance and student support from our WorkReady Student Success Coach. This helps each participant get affordable access to a college education and the support they need to start and finish a certificate so they can get the job they want within Colorado’s workforce. This program is supported by the Colorado Opportunity Scholarship Initiative (COSI). Program partners are Denver County Workforce and CCD Foundation.

Program Benefits

  • Success Coach dedicated to helping you navigate college and your career, including admissions, financial aid, career assessments, resume writing, and interview skills
  • Scholarships for college tuition to minimize your out-of-pocket costs (average of $500-$1100 a semester)
  • Industry networking events and job placement services
  • Connection to career services staff, job readiness resources, and workshops

Program Eligibility

  • Job lost due to COVID-19
  • Desire to earn a certificate at CCD

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CCD is Affordable

Since  we are a fully accredited  college,  the vast majority of  our programs are financial-aid eligible, meaning you can apply for  Pell  grants and federal financial aid to help pay for your education. Scholarships are also available.

We do offer some special programs that are not financial aid eligible, for those, we’ve set up a scholarship fund to help you. 

You can even earn college  credit for prior learning  you've acquired from work and life experiences, such as military service, volunteer or non-volunteer work experience, industry licensure or certifications, individual study, and reading. 

For assistance with completing your financial aid application or for more information about scholarships, you can set up a virtual appointment with our Educational Opportunity Center, or by calling them at 303.352.TRiO (8746) 

You Can Start Today! 

In addition to 15-week semesters, we also offer sessions that start throughout the semester. These Flex-Start classes allow you to begin at many points during the year, giving you the flexibility that you need.

Many of our programs have common courses, so even if you’re not completely sure which program would be the best fit, you can start with one or two classes, and access our career coaching and assessment tools. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If I’m already enrolled and taking classes at CCD, am I eligible for this program?

Yes, this program accepts students who are currently enrolled at CCD and those who’ve never attended college.

Is there an additional cost to receive the services from this program?

No, there is no cost to participate in the WorkReady program.

Do you need proof of unemployment before I start?

No, this will be confirmed in the initial conversation with our contact WorkReady Student Success Coach.

How often can students receive the WorkReady scholarship funds and how much is it? 

Each student could receive between $500- $1,100 each semester they are enrolled at CCD as long as they continue to be in good academic standing. The exact amount received will depend on each person's financial aid situation.

Can undocumented students receive a WorkReady scholarship?

Yes! Connect today with our WorkReady Student Success Coach.