CCD's Emergency Aid Program

Are you facing an unexpected financial emergency that is threatening your ability to stay in school? You may qualify to receive up to $500 in emergency aid!

Who Qualifies?

You may qualify to receive up to $500 in emergency aid if your financial need is unrelated to educational costs and, if left unaddressed, could result in you leaving college. In order to qualify for the emergency aid program your financial emergency:

  • cannot be related to your school expenses.
  • must be an unanticipated circumstance that is not re-occurring for you.
  • must occur during the current semester.

Current CCD students may qualify for up to $500 in emergency aid during their entire CCD career. All currently enrolled students are eligible to apply, regardless of citizenship status, financial aid eligibility or enrollment level.

How It Works

You will be required to submit an application and document your need for emergency funding by providing a bill, for example. If your request is approved, CCD will send payment directly to the agency billing you.

Next Step

Complete this questionnaire below and we will contact you about your next steps, including information about the application process.

Your Information

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