P-Card Handbook & Additional Information

CCD Purchasing Cards & Application Process

The Purchase Card (P-Card) Program provides a Citibank credit card to use for making allowable, small-dollar purchases for College business. All charges are the liability of the College. An authorized cardholder is able to purchase directly on behalf of CCD, thereby allowing for tax-exempt purchases. All permanent state employees may be eligible to become procurement card Cardholders. Supervisors or Approving Officials (AO) must approve employees as Cardholders based on their job responsibilities and their need to make purchases. Approving Officials also are responsible for recommending card limits. The CCD CFO ultimately approves cycle limits within the overall limits established by Community College of Denver.

Purchase Card purchases are governed by the same statutes, procurement, personnel and fiscal rules that apply to all other purchases paid by state warrant or check. Specific rules and procedures can be found in the CCD Purchase Card Program Handbook (attached below) for Cardholders and Approving Officials.

For any questions or assistance concerning the P-Card process please contact Dave Leatherman at 303.352.3050.

A P-Card Application can only be submitted by a permanent CCD employee and must be completed to start the process. This form includes Cardholder information, reporting hierarchy, Cardholder controls (limits) and the default cost center for transaction charges. The Cardholder's AO must approve the form and submit it to the CCD Program Administrator who reviews it for completeness and signs it for final approval.

Once approved, the Program Administrator submits the p-card request to Citibank. The bank issues the card in about 10 days and mails it to the Assistant Controller who retains it in safekeeping until it is provided to the Cardholder. P-Card training must be completed before the P-Card can be released to the individual for use.

As long as there are no services associated with your order, such as a design fee, delivery, and/or installation, you can use your P-Card. Please take into consideration the single transaction threshold of $2,999 established by this campus and make sure that the total cost of your transaction does not exceed $2,999. If it should, you will need to do a direct pay to accounts payable on anything under $5,000. Anything over $5,000 needs a PR so that a PO can be generated.

Always refer to this purchasing card web page. You can find the most up-to-date P-Card Handbook below. 

If you have a request from your Supervisor/Dean/Chair to obtain a P-Card, you will need to complete some forms and submit them to the P-Card Program Administrator and attend a P-Card Training. The forms can be located here and also in CCD's Document Library, with the document tag of "procurement card." The forms that will need to be completed are:

If this is a one-time situation, obtain approval from the org owner to reallocate to their Org (the Org you need to reallocate to) and email this approval to Gayle Mason before the P-Card Sweep has been completed.  Gayle will email you when the access has been set up in Banner.

If this will be an ongoing situation, complete the Procurement Card Program-Allocation Re-Allocation Authorization & Agreement (FIS-4) to obtain ongoing access to the Org.

You will want to contact the P-Card Program Administrator. They have real-time access to Citi’s website and see the actual declination. The P-Card Administrator will be able to work with Citi to have the issue resolved.

It is strongly recommended that you use the state permissive price agreements that are in place. However, if they should not carry the item you are looking for, or you can find the same item for less with another vendor (taking into consideration the cost of shipping or travel to pick up the item), you may use the vendor that offers the same product for less.

We use a three-strike method. However, violations are determined on a case-by-case basis and, if the infraction is severe enough, your card could be suspended prior to receiving the third violation. All cardholders start with a clean slate at the beginning of a new fiscal year. 

A P-Card can only be used to pay for catering if there is a pre-approved Official Function in place and you use one of the AHEC authorized caterer’s located on their website.

Communication is very important in a situation when a P-Card Submission Package (PSP) cannot be submitted within the required period of time. An email will go out when a PSP has not been received by the P-Card Administrator (PA) by the given due date. If no attempt has been made to communicate your extenuating circumstances to the PA on or before the email notification, a violation will be issued for failing to submit your PSP on time. This communication should include why your PSP is not going to be submitted by the due date. If the situation for the delay is justified, forbearance is allowed and arrangements can be made to establish a new due date for your PSP.

This information provided here is helpful to review before you submit your submission packet. Please contact our office with any questions.

Submission Package Stacking Order:

  • Citibank P-Card Statement
  • Monthly Certification and Approval form signed and dated by Cardholder and Approving Official
  • Purchase documentation as listed on the Citibank Statement.
  • Original itemized receipt/invoice (if smaller than 8 ½ X 11 taped to a blank sheet of paper)
  • Do not tape over the print on thermal (cash register) receipts as the tape makes the information on the receipt disappear.
  • Ensure that taxes are not paid – carry tax exempt certificate with your P-Card.
  • Prior approval authorization (grants, restricted funds, gifts, memberships, etc.)
  • Prior approved official function form with a list of attendees.
  • Copy of Travel authorization with TA#, for conferences listed on the travel authorization.
  • Business purpose explanation (An auditor will be reviewing these purchases and must be able to determine the validity of the purchase for your department.)
  • IT Prior Approval for all applicable IT purchases or transactions.
  • For Credits; Original itemized credit documentation from the vendor.

The purpose of our P-Card training is to ensure that each participant is aware of CCD's policies and procedures and has been designated to ensure program integrity. P-Cards are issued to Cardholders only after mandatory Purchase Card training is completed. Once the completion of training is confirmed, the Cardholder Agreement & Cardholder Acknowledgement Form is signed by the cardholder indicating the agreement to the terms and conditions of procurement card usage as outlined in the CCD Purchase Card Program Handbook.

Last updated: 
July 17, 2018