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Partnership Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in partnering with our college and its students. This menu of partnership opportunities details different ways community members and organizations can become involved with supporting our community. Because successful partnerships must meet the needs of all parties, this menu provides an opportunity to choose the approach that best suits your interest, availability, and means.

Menu of Options

Volunteer Options

  • Tutoring
  • Wear It to Work Day
  • Workplace Panels & Guest Speakers
  • Mentors
  • Selection of Scholarship Applicants
  • Job Shadowing & Internships

Donations of Materials or Equipment

  • Materials
  • Textbook Lending Library
  • Gift Cards
  • Equipment

Financial Contributions

  • Student Scholarships
  • Endowed Scholarships
  • Student Support
  • General Support/Unrestricted Giving
  • Event Sponsorship
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Volunteer Opportunities

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Many CCD students graduate from high school without the academic preparation to be successful in postsecondary math or English classes. Math and English tutors work with students one-on-one to master remedial materials allowing them to more quickly qualify to take credit-bearing classes.

Similarly, non-native English speaking students benefit from engaging with proficient English speakers to improve their language skills; readying them for college classes.

Wear It to Work Day

Each year, CCD hosts a "Wear It to Work" day. Individuals donate business attire for students. In addition, local business people provide advice on appropriate attire for various industries/workplaces.

Workplace Panels & Guest Speakers

Local business people volunteer to visit classes aligned with their area of expertise and/or participate in panel discussions organized by CCD's Career Development Center. These sessions provide students with real-world perspectives on workplace opportunities, careers, and the cultures of various industries.


Several CCD programs—such as the Urban Male Initiative and TRIO Student Support Services—seek to utilize mentors to work with program participants. Adults who have successfully completed a postsecondary degree and who are gainfully employed help students to create and navigate their plans.

Selection of Scholarship Applicants

Annually, CCD and the CCD Foundation award hundreds of institutional and donor-funded scholarships to deserving CCD students through a competitive application process. Students submit a single application, which includes an essay. Dozens of volunteers spend two to three hours each spring reading and scoring 20-30 applications to help determine student eligibility for on or more scholarships. This entire process is online, providing volunteers with ultimate schedule flexibility.

Job Shadowing & Internships

Providing students with the opportunity to shadow persons holding jobs of interest increases the relevancy of what they learn in class. Internships provide a deeper level of involvement for students to learn job skills. Whether paid or unpaid, internships can be scheduled during both the school year and/or summer.

Donations of Materials or Equipment


Many of CCD’s career and technical programs expend materials and supplies for hands-on practical teaching and learning. Whether steel for welding or linens and towels for the nurse aide or veterinary technology programs, CCD appreciates donations of items that improve programs and help us to keep tuition low. Additionally, to benefit students in need, CCD hosts a food pantry and is always interested in donations of non-perishable items.

Textbook Lending Library

The cost of textbooks continues to increase and can be a financial challenge for many students. The Textbook Lending Library program saves students in need from purchasing some textbooks.

Gift Cards

Consumer-focused businesses can donate gift cards valued between $25 and $100 that are used for student or faculty/staff incentives, door prizes and/or silent auction items at College or CCD Foundation fundraising events.


Specialized equipment can have a second life in CCD classrooms. Because possibilities are too numerous to list, please review CCD’s programs and call if you believe you have equipment in good working order that could be of use to CCD.

Financial Contributions

Student Scholarships

Businesses, organizations, and/or individuals can give the gift of education by contributing to existing scholarship funds, establishing a new named scholarship or choose to ensure a lasting impact by funding an endowed scholarship. Due to matching gift relationship with the Colo­rado Community Colleges Foundation, donations to the CCD Foundation are matched 1:1, doubling their impact!

Endowed Scholarships

Businesses, organizations and/or individuals can ensure a lasting impact with a gift of $25,000.00 to establish a named endowed scholarship. Donors can direct the scholarship to particular areas of study and/or to award certain performance  (GPA, civic engagement, etc.) These funds are invested and a $1,000 annual scholarship is award into perpetuity.

Scholarship donors are invited to an annual award ceremony and receive thank you notes from their recipients.

Student Support

The CCD Foundation raises funds for student support programs that provide the key academic support and extracurricular opportunities that contribute to student success. Examples are funding of a peer and community mentoring program in conjunction with the Urban Male Initiative and summer bridge programs to help students to more effectively transition to college. Such programs are extremely effective, consistently demonstrating higher student persistence and completion rates.

Parachute Fund

The Parachute Fund Fund is an emergency response fund that provides students with temporary funding (up to $250) to transition them through a one-time financial and/or personal crisis.

General Support/Unrestricted Giving

Undesignated gifts provide the CCD Foundation with the flexibility to put donor funds to the best use on behalf of CCD and its students.

Note: Du to matching gift relationships through the Foundation for Colorado Community Colleges, Scholarship Donations to the CCD Foundation are matched 1:1, thereby doubling their impact.

Event Sponsorship

Annually, CCD hosts events for students and community, each attracting several hundred attendees. The Martin Luther King Celebration honors the memory of Dr. King by recognizing community members who embody the ideas and values of Dr. King. This event attracts several hundred school and community leaders. Money Smart is an annual financial literacy event for CCD students focusing on increasing their knowledge of core financial management and budgeting practices. The Wear It to Work event helps students to understand appropriate work attire for various jobs and professions. Finally, the Scholarship Breakfast of Champions honors CCD institutional and Foundation scholarship recipients and donors. Each of these events offers sponsorship opportunities ranging from $2,500 (presenting sponsor) to $250 (supporting sponsors, as well as food and beverage, print, and other in-kind sponsorships.