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Creating a plan of action

CCD recommends all new degree and certificate seeking students take AAA 101. In this course we will help you connect your major to your career plans, create a plan of action for the future and learn how to set goals and manage your time while being successful in all of your courses. You will also meet other new students; learn how to make the most of the Auraria campus and its resources and plan for transfer or other next steps. Don’t wander through classes and lose time with wasted courses and lower grades. Get the right start!

CCD wants to make college a little less overwhelming. Whether you just finished high school or are coming back to school after several years away, you’ll find that college is a whole new world! You need to learn about credit hours, academic majors, degrees, certificates, financial aid and scholarships on top of what you learn in the classroom.

CCD’s AAA 101: First Year Experience class could make your life a whole lot easier. This one-credit, interactive seminar class is designed to help you succeed in college.

You’ll learn about all resources and services that CCD offers and meet other students who are in the same boat — struggling to navigate the tricky waters of college. You may find that college is smooth sailing when you know how everything works and you’ve made friends who are having the same experiences.

The class will help you set academic and career goals, balance your lifestyle with your academic commitments and develop an appreciation for diversity and community involvement.

All students who are new to the Auraria campus are encouraged to sign up for and attend an orientation. You can complete testing and advising/ registration activities before or after orientation but be sure to prepare for testing before you take the Accuplacer — your scores determine your eligibility for courses!

At Orientation you will have the opportunity to learn about services and areas on campus, meet other students and learn from current students how to be successful on campus. Essential online services such as WebCT, Student e-mail, CCDConnect (student registration and more), and campus technology use will be included. The Library, Campus Recreation and other enrichment programs will also be introduced. At the end, students will have the chance to learn about special services and programs on and off campus, including housing and banking, while eating lunch, getting their student ID , and other tasks completed in the Tivoli. Student Life also offers New Student Orientation sessions in a four hour format or Red Carpet Days, a full-day orientation session that includes testing, advising and registration!

Ask your advisor about AAA 101 and New Student Orientation or contact Student Life at 303-556-2597 for more information.