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Develop Quality References

Often times employers will ask for a list of references with your resume or cover letter. Other times, the employer will ask for a reference list after a job interview. An employer will want to verify that you're the right for the job after your interview, so having quality references that can confirm your skills, experiences, and past performances are very important.

A "reference" is a person that you've worked for or with in the past who can verify and elaborate on your academic or professional experience for a potential employer.

The following are good examples of typical references:

  • Current or former supervisors (from a work or volunteer setting)
  • Current or former co-workers
  • CCD instructors
  • CCD advisors or case managers
  • Advisors from your student or community organizations

You may also have people who know you well, but are NOT good examples of references because they have not worked with you in a primarly academic or professional setting:

  • Family members (parents, spouses/partners, aunts and uncles, etc.)
  • Personal friends
  • Religious leaders (EX: pastor, rabbi, etc.)

Looking back on your job and school career, you may have many potential references. However, it may not be appropriate to list ALL of them on a reference list for an employer.

In order to choose which references you should use, consider the following

  • Which of my references know me the best in a work or volunteer setting?
  • Are the references I've listed going to have positive things to say about me?
  • Which references are the most closely related to the job I am seeking? For example, if you are applying for a Human Services job, you may choose a Human Services instructor at CCD over an English instructor simply because they are more closely related to your job search.

To view sample templates, please log into Career Connections and look under the "Resource Library" under "References."


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