Student Email Migration: What You Need to Know

Community College of Denver will be going through a student email migration period. The update will occur in Microsoft 365 and will affect communication for several days. Please continue reading to find out more information!

What? New mailbox, same email address.

When? January 3-6, 2023, Temporary Shutdown  Migration is complete.

Do not fret! You will still be able to access your old inbox. Learn how using the instructions in the presentation below or click here to find out how.

Please note that the email migration period will not affect accessing online courses or course material.

UPDATE: The migration team is working on ensuring all students can access their email even if they are not currently registered. Students may need to log into Microsoft 365 using their student email address. The migration team is working on a solution for this to return to student S numbers.


Along with a new mailbox (where existing emails will not carry over), you will be getting a new OneDrive. Unlike emails not transferring, files in your OneDrive will! Everything in your “old” OneDrive will be copied to your new OneDrive. You will have to remove your old one and sign in again. *All files SHOULD be available by January 8, 2023.* Click here to find out how.

Still need access to OneDrive during this time?  Learn how using the instructions in the presentation below or click here to find out how.


If you’re using a mail app on your computer or phone, you will need to remove your “old” account and sign in again to ensure there are no issues when you try to access your new mailbox. Your existing emails will not transfer to your new inbox. You will also need to set up auto-forwarding again if you had your emails going to another address before the great migration.

Take action beforehand! Expecting an email from a professor or CCD staff member during the three-day migration period? Inform them that you will be unable to access your student email ahead of time.

Microsoft Teams

Do you use Microsoft Teams? You will need to sign out and sign in again.

Need help?

  1.  CCCS Self-Help Support Desk
  2.  24/7 Support Desk: 1-888-800-9198