RTD Notice: 5th Ave & Curtis St.

At the intersection of 5th Ave. and Curtis St., on the Auraria Campus (see area highlighted in yellow), an attendant is ushering pedestrians through the light rail crossing where a set of RTD light rail arms are stuck in the down position. Currently, no vehicles can pass through the intersection.

RTD has been contacted and is working to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

Once the arms are in an upright position, it may take a couple of weeks to repair the automatic train detection device that lowers the arms when the train approaches. Therefore, please take extreme caution when accessing this area.

For anyone on campus trying to access the MSU Regency Athletic Conference by vehicle when the light rail arms are up, it is highly recommended to proceed with caution through the intersection at 5th Ave. and Curtis St. or to use an alternative route.

For more information, visit ahec.edu/campus-announcements/auraria-campus-alert-5th-and-curtis-intersection-disruption.