Welcome Back Returning CCD CityHawks and a Hearty Welcome to First-Time Students!

Spring semester has begun, and while there’s snow on the ground, our campus is full of energy and the spirit of renewal is in the air.

Spring ushers in all things new and a re-dedication to our goals so I applaud you for staying true to your investment in yourself and your future. I also extend an enthusiastic welcome to those who are new to the CCD family.

As we embark upon a new semester, I want to thank each of you, new and returning, for choosing CCD to further your personal, professional and academic goals.

I am gratified to know that for many of you, this semester means you’re staying the course despite some of life’s challenges. Your resilience and commitment is not only admirable, but further strengthens my resolve to stand by and cheer you on and provide the tools needed to reach your goals whatever they may be. So, if you take a deep breath and roll up your sleeves, I will be right there doing the same on your behalf.

A Commitment to Commencement

For some of you, spring semester also signals the anticipation of a milestone within your grasp—the completion of your CCD degree or certificate. Please know that even as you wind down, my commitment to helping you cross the educational finish line is as strong today as it was when you first arrived. More importantly, I remain steadfast in my pledge to help each of you get to the next level of your journey; whether that means taking your CCD credentials and transferring to a four-year institution, or using them to secure your place in the workforce. You have worked hard and have earned our continued interest in your success.

But for each stage of your collective academic paths, you can be proud of the fact that you knew, before anyone else, what Vice President Joe Biden revealed last year during his visit to CCD, that community colleges are America’s best-kept secret.

Vice President Biden eloquently made the connection between a strong educated workforce, the training existing and potential workers receive at community colleges such as ours, and the direct impact it makes on our nation’s economic recovery. Best of all, the decision to invest in yourself fuels your very own economic stimulus package for years to come.

As you begin this new semester, please feel free to stop by my office to chat, take a selfie, or even for a cup of coffee and word of encouragement. I am eager to get to know you and stay appraised of your progress here at CCD. My door is always open.

Have a great semester!

Everette J. Freeman,