Watch Professor Di Paolo's Last Lecture Online

CCD's inaugural Last Lecture Series kicked off with a beloved faculty member Laurence Di Paolo bidding farewell to CCD after 36 years of dedicated service.


hand drawn sketch of man's profile
Sketch of Mr. Di Paolo, Created by Art Professor Charles Parson

Professor Di Paolo is a six-time winner of the Student-Choice Faculty-of-the-Year Award whose career focused in the areas of humanities, literature, and philosophy.

At this year's Last Lecture Series, Larry presented a lecture on "The Humanities and the Interior Life of College Students" to an audience of current and former students, fellow faculty members, as well as administrative and student support staff. During his last lecture at CCD, he spoke of the marginalization of the humanities in today’s public educational systems, from elementary school to higher education, which he argued tends to block the intellectual development in today’s college students.

It was apparent during the question and answer period after the lecture that Mr. Di Paolo's wit, intellect, and presence will be greatly missed around the Auraria Campus. During her introduction, Professor Stacey Beckman of the paralegal program stated, "He reminds us that we are human, noteworthy for our notorious brains, and our terrific capacity for intellectual transcendence. He begs of us: use your mind, develop your interior life, embrace critical thinking, reject the herd mentality."

We welcome you to experience CCD's inaugural Last Lecture Series by watching this recording of it online. You may have missed Professor Di Paolo in person, but through the preservation of this lecture—which Larry would most likely expostulate—we all can enjoy it for years to come.