Confucius Institute Day Celebrated 10 Years at CCD

Read the Opening Remarks from University of Jinan's President

This year marks the 10th anniversary of the Confucius Institute at Community College of Denver (CICCD)

Confucius Institute celebrated its ten-year anniversary with a series of events, including Confucius Institute Day, the Mid-Autumn Festival and Chinese Movie Festival. The annual CI Day event featured a series of art performances, traditional foods, crafts and games. A delegation from China local political leaders and more than 300 local community members attended the celebration.

President Shi Qiang Zhang, from CCD’s partner school, University of Jinan, presented a “wonder speech” at CI Day, stressing the importance of bridging minds through language and promotion of cultural diversity. He went on to express the need for having a global mindset in the 21st Century, and to overcome differences between people in order to achieve common prosperity.

Established in 2007, the Confucius Institute at CCD is part of an international network of Confucius Institutes—headquartered in Beijing, China—whose purpose is to promote the understanding of Chinese language and culture and to enhance intercultural exchange. Learn more at ccd.edu/CI

Here are President Shi Qiang Zhang remarks at the opening of the event:

Dear President Everette Freeman, Distinguished Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen,

Today we have a get-together on the beautiful campus of Community College of Denver to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Confucius Institute at CCD. On behalf of University of Jinan, I’d like to take this opportunity to extend our warm congratulations to the 10th Anniversary of the Confucius Institute, sincere gratitude to all of the guests present today, and high respect to Hanban and other people who have offered great support to us.

The 21st Century is a century of economic globalization and cultural diversity. The existence of different civilizations makes today’s world so colorful; and the interaction of different civilizations makes our history moving forward. In today’s world, the rapid development of informatization facilitates the means of communication and exchange, and draws the distance close between countries. People who live in the same global village are becoming more and more dependent with each other. In such an era, it is becoming extremely important to promote the dialogue, communication and understanding of different civilizations. Therefore we need to overcome the boundaries and obstacles within our minds, discard misunderstandings and prejudice, respect each other, and be honest with each other. Such an era also calls for wisdom of our souls, extraordinary courage and wide-open heart, learning from each other, learning what others are good at, it also requires us to overcome the differences of ideology, political systems, and development models, to be more tolerant with each other, and to agree to disagree. Only when we indeed act as what Confucius wishes “Do as you would be done by others” to seek harmony out of differences, and to develop out of cooperation, can sustainable peace and common prosperity of the world be achieved.

Ten years of cultivation and ten years of harvest, which has witnessed booming development and outstanding achievements of the Confucius Institute at CCD. During the ten years, the Confucius Institute at CCD has bridged minds through language and cultural interaction, become a window for the people in Denver and the surrounding areas come to know and learn more about China, which boosted the exchange among diversified civilizations. Its success is the product of the collective wisdom and efforts of Chinese and American partners, and of all teachers and staff. Hereby, please allow me, on behalf of University of Jinan, to express our sincerest gratitude to all the guests present today, and our friends who over the past ten years warmly cared for and energetically supported Confucius Institute at CCD.

“A single flower does not make a spring.” The Confucius Institute belongs to China and also to the world. It is not only the tie for people-to-people exchange and cooperation between China and the world, as well as the stage on which civilizations learn from each other. University of Jinan will conduct close cooperation with CCD, provide necessary resources to support the Confucius Institute, offer convenience for Chinese language learners in the local community and regions around Denver, and contribute to the cultural exchange and friendly relationship between America and China.

Finally, congratulate on the 10th Anniversary of Confucius Institute at CCD again and wish you good health, happy family and good luck in every aspect of your life.

Thank you!





十年耕耘,十年收获。在大家的热情参与下, 丹佛社区大学孔子学院走过了蓬勃发展、喜获丰收的十年。十年来,丹佛社区大学孔子学院从语言入手,用文化交融,搭建了人们心灵相通的桥梁,成为丹佛当地及周边地区人民认识中国、了解中国的窗口,促进了多元文明的交流。丹佛社区大学孔子学院取得的成果,凝聚着中美双方各界的心血和教职员工的汗水。在此,我谨代表济南大学向在座的各位来宾,向长期以来热情关心和大力支持丹佛社区大学孔子学院的各界朋友,致以诚挚的感谢。




Photos from the Event

You may click on the images below to enlarge photos.


men and women standing in a row
l-r: Duane Risse, Randy Baumgardner, Ms. Yanmei Sun, Wayne Williams, Jane Lim, Everette Freeman, Yinhui Chen, Shiqiang Zhang, Gang Xu, Xipu Wang, Lie Liu, Zhenghe Xu

Left to Right:

CCD VP Duane Risse,
Colorado State Senator Randy Baumgardner,
University of Jinan's Director of International Affairs Office Yanmei Sun,
Colorado Secretary of State - Secretary Wayne Williams,
Director of CICCD Jane Lim,
CCD President Everette Freeman,
Director of the Education Office, Consulate General of People’s Republic of China in Chicago Yinhui Chen,
University of Jinan's President Shiqiang Zhang,
Chinese Director of Confucius Institute at CCD, Gang Xu,
University of Jinan's Researcher of the School of Education and Psychology Xipu Wang,
University of Jinan's Dean of the School of Fine Arts Lie Liu,
University of Jinan's Dean of the School of Resources and Environment Zhenghe Xu


sword performance on stage
Taichi Sword performance by Yueling Yu


woman in blue dress writing chinese characters
Chinese Calligraphy & painting cultural booth (Ms. Xiaolin Liu, Ms. Wen Chen, Hanban teachers)


man and translator on stage
President Shiqiang Zhang (UJN) opening remark speech, translator Ms. Yanmei Sun


women in blue dress singing on stage
Solo by Ms. Yonghong Pan


girls on stage performing from Denver Chinese School Jasmine Dance Academy
Paper Cutting Girls dance by Denver Chinese School Jasmine Dance Academy


women performing from a Chinese dance academy
The Dai Song of Joy performance by Bohua Chinese School Dance Academy


performance from a Chinese dance academy
Chinese Family Names dance by Bohua Chinese School Dance Academy


Kung fu performance on stage
Kung Fu performance by Denver Shaolin Kung Fu Academy