Plans for Community College of Denver in Summer & Fall 2020


You have proven once again that you are resilient and determined when it comes to your education. This past spring, many of you transitioned to remote class delivery, working diligently to complete your classes in a remote format, and many of you have continued doing so this summer. We are so proud of you! 

Given the impact of COVID-19 and the current public health orders, which require continued social distancing, CCD will offer our Fall 2020 classes with your health and safety in mind. Our faculty are hard at work right now determining which course delivery format will be best suited for individual courses and sections.  

  • On-Campus Courses: traditional delivery of in-person courses meeting in classrooms. Only those courses requiring in-person learning will be conducted this way 
  • Hybrid Courses: in-person courses designed to be delivered using a combination of online and in-person meetings during scheduled class times 
  • HyFlex Courses: traditional in-person courses redesigned to be delivered using a combination of online and optional in-person meetings during scheduled class times (students can attend scheduled classes in person or remotely via web conferencing) 
  • Remote Synchronous Courses (Sync): traditional in-person courses redesigned to be delivered using a combination of online activities with scheduled web conferences during the scheduled class meeting times 
  • Remote Asynchronous Courses (Async): traditional in-person courses redesigned to be delivered using mostly online activities with optional sessions for web conferencing and/or instructor meetings 
  • Online Courses: traditional delivery of fully online courses with no requirement to meet in person or remotely 

Beginning next week and lasting through the end of June, you may see some changes occurring to your schedule that identify the format of your fall courses and/or those for which you may still wish to register. Please know that we are working to provide options for you, so reach out to your advisor or the department chair if you see a change in your schedule that will not work for you. 

Once our course formats have been finalized, we will send another communication to encourage you to review your schedule. We expect this will happen in early July. 

Ruthanne K. Orihuela  
Provost & Vice President for Academic Affairs