It's Not Too Late for Summer Classes

Persistence. Persistence. Persistence.

As we approach the start of the second week of summer classes, I congratulate those students who have chosen to accelerate their completion goals by attending classes. Investing in summer classes is a wise decision with a huge payout in terms of moving students toward college completion.

I recognize that for some giving up your summer activities and, maybe, a chance at earning some money, is a tough choice. By taking classes now you are getting one class closer to earning your degree or certificate, which only increases your earning potential or transfer to a 4-year institution.

Sure summer courses are challenging because the semester is compressed into weeks rather than months, but it isn’t likely that you’ll face a winter blizzard in route to school or slip on ice on the way home. Keep in mind that nothing worthwhile comes easy. Nothing – no sacrifices or missed days in the summer sun – will compare to that feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction you will feel when you complete your degree.

If you have not yet signed up for the summer semester, there is still time. Today is the last day to register and I strongly encourage you to take even just one class this summer. It will be time wisely spent.

One thing more. I’ll be around all summer to provide words of support and encouragement if you just want to come by my office and sit in my chair for a few moments between classes. While visiting, I’ll remind you that intellectual growth through education is rarely easy, but the knowledge, strength and tenacity that you are fostering while you are here will serve you for a lifetime!

Register for Summer Classes