New Required Health Protocols Regarding Masks

With the emergence of new COVID-19 virus variants, please take note of the new face-covering protocols:

  • Masks must properly cover the nose and mouth.
  • Bandanas and scarves are no longer acceptable face coverings.
  • Face shields may be used with an added mask but cannot be used alone unless medically approved by the Health Center at Auraria or through the ADA process with CCD’s HR department.
  • While teaching, faculty members may wear a face shield by itself, without an added mask, only if they can maintain a minimum distance of 12 feet from students during lecture. Once lecturing has concluded, the faculty member must wear a face mask.

If you have questions about acceptable face coverings, please reference the CDC’s Guide to Masks.

These protocols were developed to protect the health and safety of all CityHawks. Please remember, this is a shared responsibility and I thank you for doing your part to keep our community healthy.


Dr. Marielena “Marie” DeSanctis

President, Community College of Denver