New COVID Testing Requirement for Students

Dear Campus Community,

Earlier today, Colorado Community College System Chancellor Garcia announced new requirements implementing COVID-19 testing protocols for all students, faculty, and staff to continue face-to-face learning in the spring. Effective January 10, 2022, students will need to provide proof of a negative COVID-19 test on a weekly basis if they are not vaccinated.

Through a partnership with the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE), CCD has identified those students who are fully vaccinated. If you are one of these students, you will receive a notification from the College today making you aware of your exemption status from the weekly testing requirements.

  • If you do not receive a notification, you may opt-out of weekly COVID-19 testing by uploading your proof of vaccination before January 10.
  • If you are coming to any of our locations and are not vaccinated, you must undergo weekly testing and upload your test results every week of the spring semester.

If you want to opt-out of testing, we encourage you to get vaccinated! Find out where to get vaccinated here.

What you Need to Know:

  • If you do not receive a notification from CCD that we received your vaccine record from CDPHE, you need to submit your vaccination information (dates and vaccine provider information) to be exempt from testing. If you do not submit vaccine information by January 10, 2022, you will be considered unvaccinated, and you will need to test weekly and upload test results.
  • There is no exemption process for this testing protocol.
  • We will accept all vaccines recognized by the World Health Organization.
  • We will accept test results from those sites listed at https://covid19.colorado.gov/testing or the Health Center at Auraria.
  • You will receive regular communications reminding you to get tested. If you are unvaccinated, you will not be automatically dropped from courses, however, if you do not comply with the testing protocol you may be subject to progressive discipline, up to and including suspension/expulsion.

Find testing locations in Colorado here: https://covid19.colorado.gov/testing, or schedule an appointment at the Health Center at Auraria.

If you become vaccinated during the semester, the exemption from weekly testing will take effect two weeks after your receive your final dose.

If you have questions, call 303.556.2600

Thank you for helping to keep our campus community safe!


Marielena DeSanctis, Ph.D., President
Community College of Denver