Impact October 2020

Vol.1, Issue 1 Oct 2020

Huge Impact from COVID-19 Relief Fund!

Last March, the CCD Foundation swung into action to assist our students with scholarships, general assistance, and technology. Thanks to the generosity of our community, the original goal of $50,000 was exceeded, and nearly $70,000 was raised and distributed to more than 100 students in need between April and September. Also, the CCD Foundation partnered with a local business over a 4 month period to purchase refurbished laptops; 50 laptops were distributed and more are on order. These resources, combined with funding from the CARES Act, brought tremendous relief to thousands of students.

One student wrote personally and said, "I am inexplicably thankful to you and the CCD Foundation for the CCD Foundation General Scholarship of $500 for the fall semester; in addition to the COVID-19 aid which covered my outstanding balance of $910. My education is incredibly important to me, and I appreciate your compassion to help me with my educational costs. I am deeply grateful."  Leigh McMullen

As we all know, the pandemic is not over yet. The CCD Foundation’s COVID-19 2.0 Campaign continues to raise funds to support our students. If you would like to help, go to Covid Relief to contribute. And remember, every penny goes directly to students!

CCD President Announces Retirement

Dr. Everette Freeman, who served as the President of CCD for seven years, recently announced his retirement effective at the end of December. "Everette," as he insisted everyone call him, was a tireless advocate for students, and inclusive decision-maker, and an active and generous community leader.

The CCD Foundation is honoring Everette by establishing the Dr. Everette Freeman Presidential Scholarship Endowment, which will support scholarships for students who best exemplify the persistence and aspirations of a CCD CityHawk through their academic achievements, campus leadership, and community service

All donors will be invited to write a message to Everette (facilitated entirely online), all of which will be placed in a beautiful wooden chest adorned by a unique plaque designed and donated by a master jeweler. Also, donors to the endowment will be invited to Everette’s virtual "Retirement Reception" planned for Thursday, December 10, at 3:30 p.m. You can get information and contribute CCD.edu/FreemanEndowment.

A Grant from Consul General for the Mexican Consulate in Denver

Leah Goss, CCD Foundation Executive Director (left) and Dr. Gillian McKnight, CCD VP for Student Success and Enrollment Administration (right) accept a $9,000 grant from Berenice Rendón Talavera, Consul General for the Mexican Consulate in Denver (center) to provide nine $1,000 scholarships to CCD students of Mexican descent. CCD is a federally designated Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI) providing a broad array of support services to ensure the success of these students. Thank you Mexico and Denver's Mexican Consulate!