Impact Newsletter June 2021

Vol.1, Issue 9 June 2021

The Tragedy of ‘Stopping Out’

Thanks to your support, the CCD Foundation made college possible for hundreds of students impacted by COVID during the past 14 months by providing scholarships, emergency aid, and free laptops, but we know there are many others who started their college journey with CCD and the pandemic proved to be too much. Even students who were two-thirds of the way to graduation were forced to "stop out" before completing their degrees. Now that the economy is reopening, these former students find themselves without the credentials they need to pursue their careers, realize their dreams, and support their families.

The Solution

The good news is, we’ve got this! Thanks to a $75,000 grant, CCD is launching Return to Earn, a program that supports outreach to these former students to offer scholarships and wrap-around supports that encourage them to re-enroll and complete their degrees. Here is what we know:

  • We know who they are.
  • We know they wanted a degree.
  • We know they are within a semester or two from graduation.
  • We know they are now learning first-hand how their earning potential is drastically limited unless they graduate.
  • We know the Return to Earn program has already proven incredibly successful on other community college campuses in Colorado.

CCD will implement Return to Earn this fall to reach out to these individuals and bring them back to complete their degrees. The impact of this program will be profound, for these students, their families, and our economy.

One Small Catch – We Need A Match!

The grant for Return to Earn requires a dollar-for-dollar match.  Thanks to another grant, we secured $50,000, but still lack $25,000 to fully meet the match. If you like the idea of immediately doubling your contribution, your donation of ANY amount is urgently needed to help us reach this goal. Your gift is an investment in these students and our community. A doubled gift, a doubled impact!

Become a Return to Earn Investor (RTE-I)

RTE-I donors will receive updates on the progress and impact of the Return to Earn program, student testimonials, and recognition on the CCDF website and in the Annual Report. If you can help, please go to CCD.edu/Give and make your donation. Just put RTE-I in the comment field to ensure it counts toward the Return to Earn match. Or, send a check to CCD Foundation, Campus Box 250, PO Box 173363, Denver, CO 80217, and note RTE-I somewhere on the check.

Please help us turn $25,000 into $50,000 and change lives and futures! Your contribution of any amount is gratefully accepted. Thank you!

Leah Goss, Executive Director, CCD Foundation | For more information, contact Leah at 303.352.3121 or leah.goss@ccd.edu

Gene Haas Foundation making a difference for Machine Technology students

Our sincere thanks to the Gene Haas Foundation for their $7,500 donation for Machine Technologies student scholarships. This spring, four students were each awarded a $1,150 scholarship. We are proud to report that these students are now employed in high-demand CNC manufacturing jobs. Janet Colvin, CCD’s Manufacturing Programs Navigator, explained the impact of this contribution, “These students were working in low paying positions before starting the CNC machining program, and all were facing very tough economic challenges. One student faced another barrier- he was learning English-language skills - while taking our CNC machining programming classes. Bottom line, Haas Foundation scholarships helped support our college’s goal of equity, access, and success.”

SEMA Construction’s generous donation to WORKNOW

SEMA Construction recently donated $50,000 to Denver’s WORKNOW program, co-convened in CCD’s Center for Workforce Initiatives,  to support the broader construction industry that it relies on for talent. “This is what philanthropy and good faith looks like – a strategic civic investment that celebrates community, helps sustain the firm’s legacy, and also prepares a skilled talent pool for future work,” said Marcus Johnson, who manages a construction careers program within the Denver Economic Development & Opportunity (DEDO).  This gift exemplifies SEMA’s commitment and genuine support of the Denver’s efforts toward impactful and enhanced workforce development and workforce readiness. Read the full press release

Colorado-based SEMA Construction is a nationally-ranked contractor specializing in heavy civil construction. Learn more at SEMA

Denver Economic Development & Opportunity (DEDO)is among the founding partners and funders of WORKNOW.  Learn more at DEDO

WORKNOW, a construction-focused employment platform, connects members to job training, coaching, and placement assistance, as well as family support services like childcare, transportation, or the purchase of construction tools. Learn more at WORKNOW.

An estate gift helps ensure the strength of CCD Foundation to support current and future generations of students.

To learn more, please contact Leah Goss at 303.352.3121 or leah.goss@ccd.edu or visit Nineteen Sixty-Seven Society