HSI STEM Sirviendo - December 2017 Newsletter

With all the end of semester busyness, this is a short newsletter showcasing upcoming professional development opportunities for spring semester 2018.  Have a great break and see you next semester.

Reflective Practice Groups

Reflective Practice Groups will run again in spring 2018. 

Communities of practice have very valuable benefits by enabling knowledge sharing and collaborative problem solving for planning and preparation, classroom environment, instruction or professional responsibilities.

The meetings will consist of a structured conversation about teaching-related issues, solutions, and resources. The sessions will be every two weeks with the day and time to be determined by the responses to the survey that was emailed out. 

All CCD faculty (full- and part-time) are invited to attend one or more Reflective Practice Groups. Adjunct instructors will be paid for their time.

Equity Pedagogy Training

“You can have diversity without excellence but you can’t have excellence without diversity.”
- Dr. Myron Anderson

EQUITY: Vital for Inclusive Classrooms


Three people standing on the same size boxes looking over a fence with the shortest person unable to see labeled Equality.  Another picture of the same three people standing on boxes to make them each able to see over the fence labeled Equity
Click to view larger image.

With equity as the backdrop the goal of this session is to understand the impact of cultural competence in the 21st Century classroom. This interactive session defines cultural competence and the intersections of bias, cultural identity, microaggressions and culturally responsive teaching in classroom environments. In addition, this session will engage participants to identifying classroom biases and microaggressions then work collaboratively to develop strategies to address and remove them, thus, promoting an equitable and inclusive classroom.

Please join us for Equity Pedagogy training on:
Thursday, January 11, 2018
8:30 a.m. - 12:00p.m.
Plaza Building, Room M204
Presented by HSI STEM Sirviendo and Center for Math & Science
Followed at 1:00 p.m. with the Center for Math & Science meeting

The Presenters

Dr. Myron Anderson
Associate to the President for Diversity and Associate Professor for Teacher Education at Metropolitan State University of Denver


CMS Faculty, Adjunct Instructors & Staff Are Expected to Attend