FAQs for Work-Study Pay Guidance under COVID-19

  • Current work-study (WS) earners impacted by COVID 19 will continue to be paid for spring 2020 as their eligibility allows. All eligibility requirements remain the same as usual. These requirements include (but are not limited to): remaining enrolled in 6 credit hours or more; maintaining satisfactory academic progress; having remaining eligibility left in their work-study award; and having already established earned work-study hours for the spring 2020 semester.
  • Work-study student earners impacted by the virus include those unable to continue working due to:
    • Coursework switched from face-to-face to remote learning
    • Off-campus employer sites that close or request students discontinue working
    • Closed campus
  • Work-study supervisors cannot require the WS employees to report to work on campus. However, the college prefers WS employees continue to work, as appropriate. Some WS employees may be able to work remotely with supervisor approval. If a WS cannot report to work on campus or makes the decision to stay home, it is the student’s responsibility to notify their supervisor. In order to be paid, WS employees must be in daily communication by email with their supervisor and the supervisor with HR/Payroll and Financial Aid (FA). WS pay is via direct deposit on a biweekly basis, as usual. All forms of continued work must be supervised, even if work is completed remotely. If a WS student cannot reach their supervisor, contact Human Resources at HREP@ccd.edu.
  • If the WS employee is unable to continue working due to COVID-19, the supervisor must immediately email both HR/Payroll and the FA Office. The FA Office will estimate the earner’s hours for future payment based on an average amount of hours worked per pay period during the spring semester. As always, these earnings will be reduced if the student is nearing the exhaustion of their financial aid award. FA will send an email to HR/Payroll (on the timesheet due date) listing the number of hours each WS student employee is to be paid. This email will be retained by both FA and HR/Payroll for documentation purposes along with a copy of the COVID-19 emergency response business process (for auditing purposes). If the supervisor does not contact HR/Payroll and FA for exception processing due to WS employee illness, HR/Payroll will assume that business is occurring as usual, and the student will be paid (or not paid) as appropriate, according to the regular timesheet processes.