Employee Insurance Carrier's Telemedicine Platforms

The CDC recommends that anyone experiencing symptoms (that are not expressly urgent) should use a form of telemedicine as their first point of care. Local doctors and emergency rooms do not test for COVID-19, so it’s best to “talk” through symptoms with a health care professional before showing up in-person. The more contact a person has with “sick environments”, the more likely they will unwittingly participate in the spread of the disease.

All of CCD's medical carriers provide various telemedicine platforms:


  • Kaiser – Customer Service, 303.338.3800
    • Phone visit, 303.338.4545 to schedule
    • Video Visit, 303.338.4545 to schedule
    • 24/7 nurse line, www.kp.org, Appointment Center to schedule
    • Email, www.kp.org, log into your account to email your doctor


  • UHC – Customer Service, 877.283.5424
    • 24/7 nurse line, 866.402.0006
    • Virtual Visits, 877.283.5424 to schedule
    • Email, myuhc.com, log into your account to email your doctor

If you have additional questions, please contact: Benefits@ccd.edu (please note this email address is for CCD employees only)