Auraria Campus Smoking Zones

About the Zones

A student-driven proposal to develop designated smoking zones on campus was approved by the Auraria Board of Directors (ABOD) in May 2015, and the campus smoking policy was updated to reflect that smoking is only permitted in nine designated areas. 

This smoking policy considers the use of e-cigarettes and electronic vaping devices the same as cigarettes, and therefore these devices are only permitted in the designated smoking areas.

The policy reiterates that the display, consumption and/or use of marijuana or marijuana concentrate in any indoor or outdoor area on the Auraria Campus is prohibited.

Violation Information

Enforcement of the policy will be through education and community outreach. Violations of the policy will be reported to the appropriate agency or institutional office:

  • Students will be referred to the appropriate student conduct office. 
  • Employees will be referred to their supervisor, appointing authority and/or human resources office.
  • Contractors will be referred to their respective employers. 
  • Visitors will be asked to leave the campus if they fail to conform to the policy when advised.

More Information

Visit www.AHEC.edu/Smoking-Policy to find:

  • a map of the smoking areas
  • cessation resources
  • related policy information