Next Steps After You Are Enrolled

Congratulations on becoming a CityHawk! Review the important information below to help you get started & succeed at CCD!

The information on this page is for current and new students who have already been enrolled. If you're a new or prospective student, also be sure to complete the steps to enrollment in order to successfully register for courses. Don’t forget, our staff and faculty are great resources for information and they welcome your questions. We hope you have a wonderful Spring semester!

Important Spring 2016 Dates

Payment Deadlines

You must make official payment arrangements to cover your balance due or ensure that enough financial aid has been awarded to you (excluding work-study offer) after you register for classes.  The date you register determines the deadline for you to make payment. See the table below for these important deadlines.

Payment Deadlines
Registration Date Payment due date
November 9 - January 8 January 11, 2016
January 9 - January 15 January 18, 2016
January 16 - January 18 January 21, 2016
January 19 - January 22 January 25, 2016
January 23 - January 29 February 1, 2016

Schedule will continue for the rest of the semester as follows:

Registration Date Payment due date
Monday - Friday Following Monday

You can set up a payment plan through CCDConnect's Student Finance tab; click on the "My Payment Plan" link to get started. Contact CCD's Business Office at 303.556.2075 or if you have any billing questions.

Classes Begin

January 19 | Full 15-week Spring semester classes begin.

January 22 | The last day to register for 15-week classes.  Check the schedule for late-start, accelerated classes that begin after this date.

Drop deadline for 15-week classes (Census Date)

February 5 |  Full 15-week Spring classes.*  

Need to drop a class that you no longer want to attend? You can do this through the Add or Drop Classes link on the Student Tab in CCDConnect.  Need Help? Review the "How to Drop or Withdraw from a Class" Quick Guide. If you still have questions, call Admissions, Registration & Records at 303.556.2420 before the deadline. 

  • *Important Note: The census date varies for classes that meet for other than 15 weeks and for CCCOnline courses. Check your "Detailed Student Schedule" on CCDConnect in the Student tab under Registration Tools for the drop and withdraw deadlines for each of your courses so that you don't miss the deadline. Late drop requests will not be granted. 
  • Dropping a class may negatively affect your financial aid and / or VA Education Benefits. NOTE: CCCOnline census dates are different from CCD online, hybrid, and traditional courses.

Financial Aid Refunds

February 8 | Financial aid refunds begin to be disbursed to students' HigherOne Accounts (CCCS Refund Card).

Before Classes Start ...

Review Your Student Email Account

Your college-assigned student email account is the primary and official means of communication with CCD. Check your student email regularly in order to receive updates and important messages from the college. Contact the 24/7 help line at 1.888.800.9198 if you need login assistance.

Print Your Schedule

Before attending your first class, print your schedule to ensure you know the correct start dates, days, times, and locations of your classes. You may print your detailed student schedule through CCDConnect. Please note: some classes may change locations or time or even be occasionally canceled; be sure to confirm your schedule in CCDConnect before the first day of class. View or download and print this document for a better understanding of codes listed on your schedule

Immunization Requirements

All students must provide proof of immunization against Measles, Mumps, and Rubella (MMR) to the: Health Center at Auraria, Plaza Building, Room 149.  Read more about the immunization requirements.

Online & Hybrid Classes

To access the online component of your online or hybrid classes, go to CCDConnect and select your course from the Student Schedule box on the Student tab. You will not be able to access online courses until the day the class begins. If you have questions, call Admissions, Registration & Records at 303.556.2420.

Required Student Photo ID

Your CCD Student Photo ID is your ticket to services in the various offices around campus. As soon as you are registered for courses, you can get your student ID card by taking your class schedule and a photo ID to the Tivoli Student Union, Room 269. There is a $20 fee, payable by cash, credit or debit card, or check. Please note: you are expected to have your student ID by the first day of class.

Books & Supplies

Get your books as soon as possible at Tivoli Station. If you need help, let your instructor know. Tivoli Station is located in the Tivoli Student Union directly across from the campus ID and bus pass office. You are not required to purchase textbooks through the AHEC bookstore, but they offer new and used textbooks, and they stock all the required textbooks. Get more information on how to find your textbooks!

Book Advance

Financial aid funds are not distributed until after the last day to drop a class (census date). To assist those who receive financial aid with purchasing books and supplies, the financial aid office advances up to $500 to eligible students beginning the week before classes start.  The CCD Book Advance Program is based on your financial aid award and pending payments at CCD only. This is an automatic process if students have funds available. There is no need to sign up for a CCD Book Advance. 

To qualify for a CCD Book Advance, a student's total accepted financial aid funds must be greater than the tuition and fee amount, which will then result in a credit balance refund. In addition, you must:

  • have all financial aid requirements completed one month prior to the first day of the semester,
  • be enrolled in at least six credit hours (or be Federal Pell Grant eligible),
  • be meeting CCD's Satisfactory Academic Progress requirements,
  • not have a financial aid hold,
  • have an activated CCCS Refund Card, and
  • not exceed 30 attempted developmental credit hours.

Questions about your Financial Aid or Book Advance? Contact the Financial Aid Office at 303.556.5503. 

Lending Library Lottery

Each semester, the Office of Student Life sponsors a chance for you to win your spot in line to rent books from the Lending Library. This event saves our students loads of money each semester. Learn more about the Lending Library, and call 303.556.2597 or stop by Tivoli 309 if you have questions. 

Text Messages

Text Messages are the primary way we will communicate with you in the event of an on- or near-campus emergency, a weather closure, or important information related to your account. The notification will go to the number that we have in our system for you. Please keep that number updated so that you can receive these emergency alerts. For weather related information, you may also call the AHEC weather hotline at 877.556.3637.

Update Your Information

Make sure we have your current address, telephone, and email up to date each semester. Go to CCDConnect and select a link from the "Personal Information" box in the Student tab to update your information.

Activate your CCCS Refund Card

Avoid delays in getting your refund by activating your CCCS Refund Card when you receive it in the mail after registering for classes the first time. Not expecting a refund? Set-up your account just in case. Contact CCD's Business Office at 303.556.2075 for more information. 

Bus & Train Passes

The Auraria Campus has several RTD pick up and drop off points all around campus. Get your bus or train pass and get to campus easier this semester. The ID Center is located on the 2nd Floor (room 269) in Tivoli Student Union on campus - across from the bookstore. 


Pay Your Bill

Be sure to pay your bill in full, set-up an official payment plan, or ensure that you have enough financial aid already offered to you  (excluding any work-study offering) by the payment deadline in order to remain registered for your classes. Students registered for classes who do not set-up a payment plan or who do not have sufficient financial aid awarded to cover their tuition may be dropped from their classes for non-payment. If you are dropped for an outstanding balance, you may be able to re-register for courses, but only if space is available and only if the registration deadline has not passed.

To check your financial aid file or set up a payment plan, log into CCDConnect and select the "Student Finance" tab. Click on the "My Payment Plan" link to get started. Contact CCD's Business Office at 303.556.2075 or if you have any questions.


When Classes Start ...

Class Attendance

Class attendance is vital to your success! A lot happens during the first week.

Instructors will be taking attendance, so it is important that you are there to reserve your space. If you do not attend your course(s) prior to the census date and are identified as a no-show by your professor, you will be dropped from the course(s) and not allowed to re-register. Students taking online courses must participate and submit a graded assignment before census date (drop deadline) in order not to be dropped from their online class for non-participation. Read more about the college non-attendance policy.

Academic Advising

Connect with your assigned Academic Advisor to be sure that you continue your progress towards graduation or transfer! See your advisor before classes start and when next semester's registration opens. The registration date for full term classes is the Friday after classes begin. The registration deadline for all accelerated, late-start/early-end classes is the day after the class begins. 

View your Degree Works (found on the Student Tab in CCDConnect) to see who your Academic Advisor is and to contact them via email. For help determining which Advisor you should see, please contact the Academic Advising Center at 303.556.2481 or via email at

Review your Degree Works program plan at least once a semester to stay on track to graduate. Learn more about Degree Works Now!

Parking Spots on Campus

Reduce stress of finding a parking spot by arriving early! Remember, the best parking spots go first. Also, utilize your RTD pass by using public transportation to get to campus; we are connected by train and bus to all parts of the front range.


Food Pantry

The Office of Student Life provides a food pantry for CCD students. Stop by Tivoli 309 and take up to six food items a week during the semester.

Other Important Information ...

Safety Reminder

The Auraria Police Department would like to offer a friendly reminder to be vigilant in your surroundings and report any suspicious activity or people to the police department as soon as possible. Remember to remove any valuables from your vehicle when leaving it unattended and always double check to make sure that the doors are locked and windows are rolled up.

Campus safety is everyone’s responsibility and the police department always appreciates your assistance!

Early Alert

All instructors participate in CCD’s Early Alert system. Your instructor may speak to you directly about his/her concerns regarding a number of possible issues, including absence, late or missing submissions, poor or high performance on assessments, etc. The electronic Early Alert (STEAR) system is designed to supplement this communication and allow instructors to request additional early intervention for students from a CCD Advisor or Specialist. The hope is to provide you the support you need to be successful. Therefore, if you are contacted by your assigned CCD Advisor, please speak with him/her and follow up with your instructor to find out more about the nature of the alert, and the supports and services your instructor has recommended.

Support Services

CCD has a wealth of support services available to you to ensure your success and engagement as a student. For questions about learning resources, ways to get involved, leadership opportunities, crisis/counseling needs, and many other resources, please talk with your assigned advisor. We look forward to getting you CONNECTED!

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