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CCD is a local chapter for the well-respected honors program Phi Theta Kappa, which gives students at two-year institutions recognition and opportunity for developing leadership, service, and academic excellence. In addition to recognition, the society also strives to provide additional access to scholarships for continued education among its members.

To be eligible for membership, you must

  • be enrolled in CCD,
  • have completed at least 12 hours of coursework that may be applied to an associate degree (part-time students may be eligible),
  • maintain a grade point average of 3.5,
  • receive an invitation to membership from CCD’s Phi Theta Kappa advisors, and
  • adhere to the moral standards of the society.

We hope you will look over these frequently asked questions about Phi Theta Kappa.

What is Phi Theta Kappa?

Phi Theta Kappa is a 97-year-old international honors society for two-year colleges.

Why are you inviting me to join?

Because you have done two things:

  • You have a 3.5 (or better) G.P.A.
  • You have completed at least 12 credits.

Why should I join?

PTK is an amazing opportunity to grow in leadership, scholarship, fellowship and service. Your membership in Phi Theta Kappa makes you look like a more attractive candidate for a four-year college or university application. There is over $37 million in transfer scholarship money available ONLY to Phi Theta Kappa members. As a PTK member, you are eligible for one of two $500 scholarships each year given exclusively to CCD students. You will be acknowledged at graduation as a scholar and PTK member by wearing the PTK regalia (you can borrow it at no cost from the chapter).

I am transferring or graduating at the end of this semester, how can membership in Phi Theta Kappa help me?

Once you are a member of Phi Theta Kappa, you are always a member. Therefore, the scholarship money is available to you even after you have transferred or graduated from CCD.

What does PTK do on campus?

As a member of PTK, you are asked to attend at least one meeting or event each semester. We do service projects, academic forums, member workshops, community events, and fundraisers. We are working with Habitat for Humanity this year to give back to our community.  We have activities approximately once each week and we have online options for those students unable to come to campus. We send our students to regional and national conferences. PTK also has officer positions available; we are always looking for motivated students who are interested in expanding their leadership skills. The more you get involved, the more you will get out of the group.

What are the costs associated with joining?

Normally the cost is $90.00 BUT CCD recognizes what a tremendous benefit Phi Theta Kappa is to our students. The College pays $60.00 of the cost, you pay only $40.00.

After the $40.00 initial cost, are there other dues?

 No. That is it!

Options for Payment

  1. Please go to the Cashier’s Office in Confluence and pay via check or credit card. Please bring the invitation you received in the mail to verify you are an eligible member.


  1. Call the Cashier’s Office, 303.556.2075, identify that you are a PTK eligible member, and give the cashiers office your payment information: debit or credit card.

What do I need to do to join?

  1. Complete the application and submit it. We will receive it via email.
  2. You will need to pay your $40, there are no additional fees.

What if I have more questions?

Our chapter advisors, Nicholas Morris and Joanna Morrison, will be happy to answer any further questions or concerns you may have.

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Nora Drewno

Christopher Dylan Ealy

Johanna Marian Felix-Rivera

Daniel Sebastian Gomez-Acosta

Elizabeth Marie Grasmick

Hannah Mae Marie Jernigan

Sierra Robin Karas

Dominique Arellana Maes

Andrew Clark Maginity

Laisa Martinez

Robert Joseph Mastronardi

Jenny Mong Diu Nguyen

Alisha Sigrid Nikodemus

Karina E Olivas

Alison Jean Parker

Abner E Perez

Angelica Ponce De Leon Santillan

Victoria Estefania Quezada-Hernandez

Kasasha L Reedy

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Ibrahim Bassam Sawaged

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